Bill Murray Slammed For Creepy Behavior By Another Hollywood Star

Geena Davis gives more disturbing details about Bill Murray's alleged mistreatment of her on the set of Quick Change.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

geena davis bill murray
Bill Murray and Geena Davis in Quick Change (1990)

We already knew Geena Davis had alleged she’d been traumatized on the set of 1990’s Quick Change by Bill Murray, but now the Oscar-winning actress has given some more details. Appearing on New York Magazine’s On with Kara Swisher podcast (via Deadline), Davis expanded on two of the incidents she first spoke about publicly in October: about Murray allegedly insisting on using a back massager on her in a hotel suite, and screaming at her in front of the cast and crew.

About the back massaging incident, Geena Davis said it was when she first met Bill Murray and the Quick Change co-producers. She said Murray kept asking to use some kind of massage contraption — called The Thumper — on her, and that she continued to politely refuse. The Ghostbusters star’s insistence got to the point, Davis claims, that to be any more clear she would have had to “scream at him,” which she said she was “too timid” to do.

“And I keep saying ‘No’ to the point where I would’ve had to scream at him, ‘Stop f–-ing asking me! I am not doing it. Do you understand?’ Which I was far too timid to do.”

-Geena Davis

Geena Davis said once she capitulated, she realized Bill Murray’s motivation for bugging her about it.

“So I perched on the corner of the bed and let him do it, and he did it for like one second, and then didn’t ask how I liked it or anything. So I realized it was just to see if he could force me to do something inappropriate.”

-Geena Davis

Davis said that she would later learn that her co-star was worried that the actress — who had just won an Oscar for her role in the 1988 romantic drama The Accidental Tourist — would prove too stuffy and egocentric to work with.

What was more disturbing was Geena Davis’ description of the day Bill Murray allegedly screamed at her on set. She said they were shooting in Manhattan when she was called to set. She asked if it was okay for her to wait for costuming, because costuming had asked her to do so, and the assistant director gave her the go-ahead.

geena davis bill murray
Geena Davis in Quick Change (1990)

Geena Davis claims that in spite of getting the thumbs up from the AD, Bill Murray barged into her dressing room and screamed at her, “‘Get the f–k out there! What the f–k are you doing? Move! Move!”

She said as she left the trailer, Murray continued to scream in her ear.

“And we’re getting to this intersection where there’s hundreds of people watching this, and he keeps it up and keeps it up until he says, ‘Stand there’ and points to a mark on the pavement and starts shooting.”

-Geena Davis

While Geena Davis says she still gets emotional thinking about the alleged incidents with Bill Murray, thankfully in the years that followed she managed to make some of her most well-remembered films. The year after the release of Quick Change came the iconic Thelma & Louise, and with the year after that came the sports drama A League of Their Own. Then, in 1996, her action thriller debut as an assassin in The Long Kiss Goodnight.