A Photo Of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman With Nazis Sparks Outrage

Photos apparently deleted from Wonder Woman 1984 show Gal Gadot at a Nazi rally and the internet is not happy about it.

By Vic Medina | Published

gal gadot

The internet is up in arms again, but this time, they may actually have a good reason to be angry. A series of photos, purported to be from a Wonder Woman 1984 deleted scene, were posted on social media, and appear to show Diana (Gal Gadot) living her life post-World War I, after the end of the first film. The photos, which appear to be from the production of the movie, were meant to be used in the film to “fill in the gaps” in Diana’s life between the original Wonder Woman film and Wonder Woman ’84. However, two of the pictures show Diana during World War II, with one, in particular, showing her at what appears to be a Nazi rally.

Obviously, a picture showing Wonder Woman at a World War II Nazi rally needs context. The picture appears to be a real photo of a Nazi rally, with Gal Gadot and cast members Lucy Davis (Etta), Eugene Brave Rock (The Chief), and Ewen Bremner (Charlie) photoshopped in. Gadot appears to be covering her mouth in shock, seemingly disgusted with what she is hearing, as are the other cast members. Still, the idea of Diana just standing at a Nazi rally doing nothing – and allowing her picture to be taken – seems to not only be in poor taste, but it also seems antithetical to the character of Wonder Woman as a whole. To be fair, the other World War II-era picture shows Diana and Etta appearing to lead Jewish prisoners out of the Auschwitz concentration camp in southern Poland. Regardless, fans who are viewing the pictures on Twitter are wondering why anyone connected with Wonder Woman 1984 thought the pictures were a good idea (language warning).

It’s hard to nail down exactly who is to blame for this foolishness, especially since Warner Bros./DC has not commented on the pictures. Neither has the cast and crew, including Gal Gadot, director/co-writer Patty Jenkins, and screenwriter Geoff Johns, the former President and Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment. He is now a producer and screenwriter for DC films, including Wonder Woman 1984, and we can assume the pictures were the idea (or at least approved) by himself, Jenkins, or the other screenwriter, Dave Callaham.

Obviously, common sense prevailed in this case, as the pictures were not used in the final film, but the situation is just another instance of the failed logic and bad ideas that made Wonder Woman 1984 such a terrible film. Fans, as you might expect, are teeing off on the pictures, pointing out what a dumb idea they were, and an example of relegating Wonder Woman to poor virtue signaling.

Geoff Johns has his own problematic history with DC beyond the Wonder Woman 1984 debacle. He was reportedly instrumental in bringing in Joss Whedon to replace Zack Snyder to finish the Justice League film, and he also clashed with star Ray Fisher (Cyborg), who accused him of racism. DC artist Ethan Van Sciver came to Johns’ defense, saying he isn’t a racist, although it is clear he is not a people person. He reportedly did little to stop Whedon from clashing with Gal Gadot in particular, who says he threatened to ruin her career.