Gal Gadot Quitting Wonder Woman?

Gal Gadot reportedly knows when she wants to quit Wonder Woman.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Gal Gadot

Sometimes, actors are content playing a great role for as long as they can. Ellen Pompeo has famously stayed on to Grey’s Anatomy for 17 seasons. She enjoys the stability of the role and has negotiated a very high payday for her part, with an annual salary at $20 million. While movies are different, locking into a huge role in a major superhero franchise provides about as much stability as Hollywood can offer. Wouldn’t everyone like to hold onto such a prized role as that of Diane Prince? Well, according to insider Daniel Richtman, Gal Gadot is currently considering stepping away from her role as Diane after the third Wonder Woman solo movie.

Richtman didn’t share her reason for this decision and only said that it was “likely” Gal Gadot would step away, so there’s room to assume that her mind is not made up. Also, this is a rumor at this point. But if the rumor proves true and Gadot is considering leaving, it may make a great deal of trouble for the DC Extended Universe. Patty Jenkins, the writer and director for the solo Wonder Woman films, has discussed the possibility of more films during interviews, like when she spoke with Entertainment Weekly. There are reportedly concept plans for a WW4. Jenkins is also working on her upcoming Star Wars film, so she sees this taking a while, but still like a thing that will happen.

However, Gal Gadot may have other plans. If she steps away from the role, that would create a particular problem not only for solo Wonder Woman movies but also for the DC Extended Universe. Her character has shown up in quite a few projects so far. If Gadot wanted, that could likely continue for quite a while.

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Before Gal Gadot first appeared in the DC Extended Universe as Wonder Woman for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she’d been in other movies. Gadot played Gisele for the Fast & Furious franchise and had roles in movies like Date Night. However, none of these roles made her a known entity, not like starring in her own superhero movie. Now, when audiences see her face, they associate her with the role she’s become most famous for. For an actress with big ambitions, is that association a problem?

Depending on what an actor wants, it could be considered a blessing or a curse. If they enjoy stability in a role for as long as possible and are happy with what they have, that might be perfectly fine. When no one else can play your part, and you develop a role audiences love, creators have a lot more room to ask for more pay. They become more beloved by an audience and grow their fame as well.

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However, they’re also limiting their fame to be associated with a singular role. Gal Gadot’s face isn’t associated as strongly with her own name as it is with that of Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman for television starting in 1975 and audiences loved her for it. While we still know her name and see her in other projects, mostly, she’ll always be Wonder Woman to us. Some actors may be perfectly happy with that. After all, she has varied work and is beloved. Others may not be satisfied and have other dreams.

By branching out and playing more roles, Gal Gadot can grow her skills as an actress, if she wishes to push herself in that way, while also growing her fanbase into a place where audiences want to see the actress instead of looking to see her in the role.

Based on Gal Gadot’s recent career decisions, it might make sense that she is looking to move away from Diane Prince. Currently, we’re waiting on Netflix to release Red Notice, her movie with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. She’s also signed on to star as Cleopatra in another project with Patty Jenkins. While we don’t yet know what Gadot’s plans are, it seems very possible that she may slowly move away from DC as she aims to grow her career.