Gal Gadot Is In Shazam 2?

Fans think Gal Gadot is in Shazam 2 based on a screenshot taken of the new trailer.

By James Brizuela | Published

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

The new trailer for Shazam 2 aka Shazam! Fury of the Gods has dropped online, and eagle-eye sleuths think they have revealed a major cameo. In a screenshot acquired by The Direct (seen below) taken during the trailer, Shazam appears to be speaking to someone that has hair like Diana Prince. Sure, this could be reaching, but Gal Gadot could appear in Shazam 2 for her final time under the guise of Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot Shazam 2

Granted, this could be some random person that Shazam is speaking to, but Gal Gadot could also be part of Shazam 2 simply because cutting her out was too costly. Gadot announced that she would not be returning as Wonder Woman, and her cameo in The Flash was reportedly cut too. However, that does not mean that she couldn’t show up one final time.

The DC shakeup is currently happening, and Black Adam was able to sneak in the huge cameo for Henry Cavill’s Superman, though Cavill has since been relieved of the role. The same thing could be happening with Gal Gadot and Shazam 2. Gadot could have had a more important role in the movie that would have interconnected the past DC Universe, though none of that matters anymore.

Shazam 2 could be one of the holdouts that are going to move past this new era of DC movies, but then again, it might also be the final time we see Billy Batson. Should James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC plan not involve Shazam, then Gal Gadot showing up in Shazam 2 wouldn’t matter. It might confuse plenty of fans, but confusion has been the case for everyone trying to figure out what DC is even up to.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

All we know right now is that Gunn and Safran have already pitched their idea to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who has given it the stamp of approval. Gunn has been quite vocal about when DC would be revealing this huge plan, which was promised this month. Even without that happening, Gal Gadot could show up in Shazam 2, just to pull out all the stops at the end of this era of DC movies.

Then again, what if Gunn and Safran are just pulling the greatest trick on everyone, and Gal Gadot showing up in Shazam 2 is intentional? She could take on the role of Hippolyta, and usher in a brand-new Wonder Woman. This would be a bit insane, but we wouldn’t put it past DC to throw everyone a giant curveball.

This is all just wild speculation brought on by a simple image that could be some random woman, though Gal Gadot would be a welcomed sight in Shazam 2. Most of the past DC characters were given their unceremonious end, so seeing her show up one final team could give fans the closure needed to accept a new Wonder Woman. Shazam 2 is set to premiere on March 17th, and we will all find out if Gadot snuck in one cameo.