Gal Gadot Fears She May Be Cancelled Like Gina Carano

Gal Gadot has been on the receiving end of a social media uproar and reportedly, she is concerned about being cancelled like Gina Carano.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

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When Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot recently addressed the ongoing Israel-Hams rocket attacks conflict via what she perceived as a message of goodwill and unity, she wasn’t expecting to trigger a social media controversy being labeled as a “propaganda” tool for Israel. #CancelGalGadot has now been trending for the past three days and as per insider, Daniel Richtman, the actress is afraid that she will be canceled just like former The Mandalorian star, Gina Carano, was. 

Soon after she put up the tweet, the comments to her posts started pouring in, which slammed her for supporting a “mass genocide” and called her out for her past military service to Israel, stressing that she is supporting the country while forgetting the plight of the Palestinians. The vitriolic comments and negative reaction to her post made Gal Gadot disable the comment section though she left her post intact. But as per Richtman’s report, Gal Gadot is now afraid that what happened to Gina Carano will be her fate too- she will be canceled in short order. Reportedly, Warner Bros. is also worried about the backlash from Gadot’s tweet.

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Like Gal Gadot, Gina Carano also stirred up a massive social media controversy earlier this year when she likened being a conservative in the current time to being a Jew during the Holocaust. Soon after her tweet stirred up a public uproar, Lucasfilm issued a statement announcing that they are parting ways with the actress as her social media posts have been “abhorrent and unacceptable.” The Mandalorian actress’s past tweets have also been strongly criticized, especially when she mocked the major pandemic safety precaution of mask-wearing and aired conspiracy theories about the 2020 U.S. elections. 

Unlike Gina Carano’s post, Gal Gadot’s recent tweet didn’t make any controversial claims. In her post, she shared how her “heart breaks” as her “country is at war” as both Israel and its “neighbor” i.e., Palestine deserves to be a free and safe nation. She further added that she is praying for the victims of the conflict and their families, to soon see this “unimaginable hostility” ending, and for the leaders of the two nations to find a way to “live side by side in peace.”

The post by Gal Gadot has since been slammed for being tone-deaf and supporting only one side of the ongoing conflict as the actress is a former Israeli Defense Forces fighter. 

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While many users have rallied against Gal Gadot for supporting “ethnic cleansing” as well as “mass genocide” and are even demanding everyone to quit watching her films, many have come out in her support and defended that all her post did was pray for peace. They have reasoned that it isn’t logical to criticize and overanalyze her post just because she was an IDF veteran, something which is compulsory for all Israelis. 

Whether or not this furor subsides with time (or with an apology from Gal Gadot), it is too soon to deduce whether her career is destined to take a twist like Gina Carano’s did as a result of her tweets.