Gael Garcia Bernal Cast As Werewolf By Night In Marvel Universe

Gael Garcia Bernal has been cast as a werewolf in the upcoming Werewolf By Night production coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By Carolyn Jenkins | Published

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The Marvel Extended Universe shows no indication of slowing down. Casting for their next property has been announced and Gael Garcia Bernal is the next on the stacked list of actors that have joined Disney’s platform. While the Marvel project remained untitled, sources know that Bernal will be playing the lead from Werewolf By Night. Unlike predecessors WandaVision and Loki, Werewolf By Night will be a Halloween special. Obviously, fans will have to wait at least a year for the seasonally-themed show. But many are speculating on who the character Bernal will play.

Werewolf By Night’s main character is up for debate. While it is certain that Gael Garcia Bernal will be portraying a werewolf of some sort, there has been no confirmation on which character it is as of yet. There are two possible characters that have appeared in Werewolf By Night. The first werewolf is Jack Russell, certainly a clever tongue-in-cheek name. This character came from a long line of werewolves. Like the lore in Underworld, these wolves are referred to as lycanthropes. They have the ability to turn without the full moon and retain their humanity during the change. That is where the similarities stop, however. Werewolf By Night’s lycanthropes were cursed and used their powers to fight evil.

The other character Gael Garcia Bernal may be playing is Jake Gomez. This may be the likely choice for Werewolf By Night with the character connected to Moon Knight who Oscar Isaac will be portraying in the upcoming series. Marvel has confirmed that Moon Knight is set to be released in 2022.  With his exciting news, it is hard not to appreciate Disney’s new take on Marvel properties. Unlike the ensemble team-ups in the cinematic features, Disney’s limited series have a different feel. WandaVision, for instance, was an intimate look at the grieving process and became critically acclaimed. 

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Werewolves are not unfamiliar territory in Marvel’s live-action features either. While Gael Garcia Bernal will surely play a werewolf closer to classic lore, many may have forgotten Maisie Williams’ portrayal of Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane is a mutant and technically not a werewolf. But her film New Mutants showcased a shapeshifting wolf. New Mutants was a change for the X-Men franchise. The film was closer to a horror film and suggested an eventual appearance of Mr. Sinister. It is unlikely that fans will see a sequel as the film was highly underrated. With Werewolf By Night greenlit, the hope is that more horror-themed Marvel stories are in the pipeline as well.

Gael Garcia Bernal most recently starred in the M. Night Shyamalan film Old. The horror film was a solid hit over the summer, scoring over $90 million at the box office. And he’s got another big production coming when his Station Eleven series hits next year. That’s currently in post-production now. He’s been in a number of critically acclaimed productions already as well including Mozart in the Jungle, Babel, and The Motorcycle Diaries. He is a fantastic addition to the Marvel Universe.