Comcast Is Shutting Down A Recently Renewed Network Forever

Comcast has shut down the gaming-oriented G4 TV network.

By Joshua Jones | Published

It wasn’t that long ago that the popular Gaming/Tech network G4 TV announced its rival to the world. Now, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Comcast is shutting down the gaming network again. This comes after the network was canceled in November 2014.

A memo sent Sunday, October 16, 2022, by CEO and chairman of Comcast Spectacor Dave Scott revealed that the company was shutting down G4 TV “effectively immediately.” The reason for the shutdown is because of low viewership. Scott also cited the network’s inability to “achieved sustainable financial results.”

G4 TV was originally launched on April 24, 2022, and was owned by G4 Media, a joint venture between NBCUniversal Cable division of NBC Universal and Dish Network. Former President of Walt Disney Television and Television Animation Charles Hirschhorn led the network until 2005. Hirschhorn intended for video game creators to produce programming for the network.

After Hirschhorn was replaced by the former senior marketing executive of FoxSports and ESPN Nel Tiles, G4 TV was retooled as a male-oriented network. Comcast then removed G4 TV from all its cable and satellite systems nationwide in 2014. The network’s final day aired a marathon of the Top 100 Video Games of All Time.

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On July 24, 2020, the Twitter accounts for G4 TV were reactivated and teased a possible resurrection of the network for 2021. The former co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show Olivia Munn was reportedly in final talks for a multi-million deal with the network. On November 16, 2020, WWE superstar Xavier Woods was announced as the first new co-host of G4 TV’s rival.

The new G4 TV revived many long-time fans’ favorite shows, including Attack of the Show and Xplay. The slate also included a Dungeons & Dragons limited series. A multi-year agreement with the popular streaming platform Twitch was reached after the announcement of the network’s revival.

As noted by THR, G4 TV’s shutdown follows the shuttering of the popular video game network VENN. This also comes as Warner Bros. Discovery is cutting a considerable portion of its working staff as it prepares for a potential merger with Comcast. According to the memo, the company is providing employees impacted by the shutdown “support and the possibility of other job opportunities.”

Before the age of YouTube gaming and other game-related news sites and social media channels, G4 TV was known as the premiere place for all game-related news. The channel attracted hardcore gamers looking for the latest tidbits about an upcoming game project. G4 TV also previewed many game titles and provided exclusive looks at gameplay and hardware.

News of the G4 TV’s cancelation shocked Xavier Woods, who posted a quick gif responding to the announcement. Woods apparently wasn’t aware that he’d no longer be hosting on the network until he was already traveling on a plane. The WWE star also has a YouTube gaming channel which has gained millions of subscribers over the years.

In addition to video games, G4 TV also featured geek, fandom, tech, and general audience show aimed at young adult men. Their official website continued to provide entertainment-related news articles up until 2013.