The Best Lovecraft Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Ever, Stream Without Netflix

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from beyond

Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will often lament the film adaptations of the horror writer’s works, and rightfully so. The grand level of paranoia, anxiety, and fear that his pen created has proven to be difficult to capture, even with the most imaginative filmmakers. Of the handful of Lovecraft adaptations that have shown to be worthy productions, the 1986 film From Beyond is on par with Re-Animator and should be streamed while it’s still available.

Other Dimensions

From Beyond supposes that there are other dimensions beyond human perception that can only be accessed through stimulating the pineal gland. Scientists Dr. Edward Pretorius (Ted Sorel) and Dr. Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) have made a breakthrough discovery when attempting to stimulate this part of the human brain. Through Dr. Pretorious’s machine, named the Resonator, the pair work tirelessly to make this dream an eventual reality.

Assault From Beyond

The Resonator has one significant drawback, however. The machine does stimulate the targeted gland, but it also brings another dimension into full view and with it some pretty horrifying monsters. When the machine is activated for the first time, one of these creatures, a large and vicious snake-like monster, bites Crawford and drives him to deactivate the machine.

Mad Scientist

from beyond

In true mad scientist fashion, From Beyond has Dr. Pretorius not care about the consequences. He reactivates the machine and conjures back the monsters from another dimension while in the middle of a maniacal episode. Crawford flees and his partner is attacked and decapitated.

Accused of murdering Dr. Pretorius, Crawford is hospitalized as a madman. A doctor in the psychiatric ward, Dr. Katherine McMichaels (Barbara Crampton) believes his story after a CT scan shows that Crawford’s already abnormally sized pineal gland is growing at an alarming rate.

She successfully petitions for Crawford to be released into her care and the two venture back to Dr. Pretorius’s home laboratory where she examines the Resonator.

More And More Monsters

From Beyond sees the two successfully reactivate the equipment while an assigned police detective named Bubba Brownlee (Ken Foree) looks on. The machine brings a multitude of monsters from other dimensions, including a grotesquely reanimated Dr. Pretorius.

The conflict builds as an ambitious Dr. McMichaels, believing the machine’s powers can be successfully harnessed, puts everyone’s lives in great danger as she opens the door to another terrifying world.

Director Stuart Gordon, who also worked to bring Lovecraft fans Re-Animator, does a remarkable job with From Beyond in capturing the mania that becomes so out of control that it destroys. The film’s ability to create an intense atmosphere of doom and anxiety work well to layer the horror that is accentuated with the addition of well-made monsters.

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from beyond


Combs and Crampton do well together in a film that pits the stars against each other as one becomes captivated by the desire for power and the other loses control of his will. From Beyond also sees a great screen performance from horror movie icon Foree (Dawn of the Dead), as well as Sorel.

The film begins strong, but loses itself with slow pacing in the buildup to the second half. From Beyond quickly escalates the action and horror after and gives audiences a slow burn that produces a great payoff.

From Beyond can be streamed for free with Tubi and Pluto or rented On Demand through Vudu.