Frasier Reboot Bringing Back Its Best Character?

By Matthew Creith | 13 seconds ago

frasier kelsey grammer david hyde pierce

The NBC sitcom Frasier ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004, and was a successful spin-off of the NBC series Cheers. Applauded for its different spin on Cheers‘ supporting character of Frasier Crane, the series saw critical acclaim and audience approval when it was part of NBC’s “Must See TV” lineup that at one point included hit shows like Friends, Seinfeld, and Will & Grace. There have been some rumors flying about as of late that Frasier may be due for a reboot soon, and one of the stars of the original show has come forward with their thoughts on the idea of a proposed revival.

As reported by Deadline in an interview with David Hyde Pierce, the actor described one of the only ways he would join a Frasier reboot if one were to come to fruition. Speaking about his love for the characters of Frasier, as well as the actors that embodied them, Pierce is quoted in the interview as saying, “If I were to see a script of a Frasier reboot that I had to do, I would do it.” The main crux of this argument, as Pierce describes, is that these characters were left to their own devices back in 2004. A script for a reboot would have to be compelling enough to reflect the appropriate reasons to bring these characters back, as well as a good enough direction for the characters to be going in.

Paramount+ had originally announced back in 2021 that a Frasier reboot was in the works, and Kelsey Grammer had apparently confirmed the news as well, according to NME. While there hasn’t been definitive news since then that the reboot is actually happening or a premiere date has been set, it appears that David Hyde Pierce would like to join the cast again if the right script came along. He is currently busy promoting his work as Paul Child in the HBO Max original series Julia, about the life and times of chef Julia Child. As for the other original cast members, no word yet on Peri Gilpin’s involvement in the reboot, but series regular John Mahoney passed away back in 2018. A revival of the series would most likely have to deal with the unexpected loss of the Crane family’s patriarch if the series receives the green light.

Frasier debuted on September 16, 1993 and made instant stars of its cast, including Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin, John Mahoney, and David Hyde Pierce. Grammer’s character of Frasier Crane had already become a staple of the long-running Cheers, and when the former series was set to air its last episode, producers of the show decided to spin the character off into his own series. Set against a backdrop of Seattle rather than the Cheers set of Boston, Frasier centered around Grammer’s character as he came back to his native Washington to become a psychiatric radio host. There, he invites his retired police officer father (Mahoney) to live with him, as he tries to reunite with his younger brother Niles (Pierce).