The Flash Just Added A Major DC Hero To The Cast

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

the flash

The Flash has been one of the most comic-accurate series that has ever been created. Adding characters like Gorilla Grodd, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, and many others has been why this growing series has been a DC fan-favorite. Now there is a new character that is set to be revealed in The Flash Season 8. Mika Abdalla is set to appear on The Flash as Tinya Wazzo. The name should spark interest from deep DC fans, as Wazzo is known as Phantom Girl.

You can see actress Mika Abdalla, who will be playing Phantom Girl for The Flash, in the photo below.

The Flash is now the longest-running series on The CW, and for good reason, as they continually bring in characters that are richly embedded in the DC universe. What Arrow started, The Flash is set to finish or continue longer. Both shows lasted eight seasons, but it would appear that The Flash is set to go beyond just this season, especially considering the addition of Phantom Girl. Phantom Girl appearing in the show at this juncture bodes well for the addition of members for the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion of Super-Heroes had already been introduced in the Arrowverse.

phantom girl from legion of super heroes
Phantom Girl in the animated series, The Legion of Super-Heroes

Brainiac-5 was introduced in Supergirl Season 3, and he remained part of the Super Friends, which is essentially the Legion of Super-Heroes, but with a more contemporary and fun name. Now with Phantom Girl being added to the growing list of characters, there could be more of a presence for this group to fully form. What with Supergirl, Superman & Lois, The Flash, and Naomi, this could round out a very successful group. Naomi is set to start in early January, right after the Superman & Lois Season 2 premiere.

Phantom Girl has the ability to essentially phase through objects, sort of like a ghost, whether or not she uses these powers for nefarious purposes at first is yet to be seen. The Flash can’t catch a ghost, or can he? The description of Tina Wazzo’s involvement on the show comes via The Wrap, “After years of successfully hiding in plain sight, reluctant meta-teenager Tinya Wazzo’s life is turned upside down when she becomes the subject of Iris West-Allen’s latest investigation for CC Citizen Media. Soon, Tinya is thrust into a dangerous world she never knew existed — one that will change her life forever.”

Wazzo seems to not realize what she is getting herself into by having and possibly showcasing her powers, but if anyone can teach her some sort of control, that would definitely be Barry Allen aka The Flash. Mika Abdalla, on top of playing Tinya Wazzo, stars in Hulu’s Sex Appeal, which is currently in post-production. Abdalla has also appeared in the S.W.A.T. and Cruel Summer TV series. Adding a superhero gig to her resume can only open further doors for her career, should she want to make her way to the DC Cinematic Universe or even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, given how she is received on The Flash.

The Flash Season 8 is currently ongoing and will be adding to their Armageddon arc, and episode five is set to debut on December 14th. Mika Abdalla aka Tinya Wazzo should be appearing at some point during this season, but it could sooner rather than later, as the Armageddon arc has already begun to kick off with tons of excitement.