Yet Another Flash Castmember Is Bailing On The Show

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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The Flash is one of The CW’s longest-running series. The Arrowverse show is gearing up to say goodbye to cast members Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes in the season seven finale. The show has been renewed for an eighth season. Star Grant Gustin has been successfully signed on for that. However, other key actors in the series are still in question. According to what an insider for We Got This Covered is hearing, Danielle Panabaker might be the next to leave. They say that no final decision has been made, but the actress is in negotiations and now sure she’ll be returning after season seven.

This is a surprising time for Danielle Panabaker to be considering leaving. She has played Caitlin Snow on The Flash since the show first began. In season three, her role expanded to playing both Caitlin Snow and Frost. This has made her role on the show a lot more fun. Just a few days ago, the actress posted on Instagram. With photos of herself in costume for Frost, she said that she was grateful for the storylines she’d gotten to play this season where she was both Frost and Caitlin Snow in the same scenes. She said it was great work, but also exhausting. You can see the post below.

With her work getting more difficult and interesting in these later seasons, why would the actress want to leave The Flash now? According to insider Daniel Richtman, there’s been a lot of drama between the stars of Arrowverse shows and executives at The CW. This may make sense with things we’ve seen recently. Longtime cast members Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes are leaving The Flash. Maybe they’re simply ready to move on, but there’s room to believe they may have been unhappy with their jobs.

Dominic Purcell, who played Heat Wave on Legends of the Tomorrow recently quit the show via a couple of dramatic and angry Instagram posts. He has since deleted the posts but definitely left the show. In those posts, he told the actors staying on to watch out for any new actors at The CW, as if they needed to be protected from executives. While it’s hard to know what to make of that, and angry social media posts that are later taken down are hardly a good picture of what’s happening on the sets of these shows, it does leave a lot of open questions.

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To be fair, there is also a lot of room for believing that people are changing their lives due to the pandemic. Studies are showing that more people are making life-changing decisions these days at higher rates. After COVID-19 causing set delays and giving people more time to consider their life moving forward, it makes sense that more actors may be moving on from projects than normal.

At this point, Danielle Panabaker’s status on The Flash for season eight is still up in the air. We’ll have to wait to see what comes of this rumor for the actress, and what it will mean for a season eight with so few original cast members left.