The Flash Cast Feels Sorry For Ezra Miller

Michael Shannon supports Ezra Miller and wishes them the best.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

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It seems these days that Ezra Miller and controversy are both terms that could be used interchangeably and for good reason. With DC Studio’s upcoming The Flash movie slated for a June 16 release, we’re all wondering how everything is going to shake out for the film at the box office. But despite their negative press and erratic behavior, Ezra Miller’s co-stars have gone on record stating that they were great to work with, and they do feel some sympathy for their mental health struggles, according to The Direct.

It’s one thing to get in trouble in your private life, but when you’re a big Hollywood star like Ezra Miller, the negative feedback loop that is generated from the press and fans alike could seriously take a toll on one’s mental health. Though there’s no doubt that Miller needs to seek out psychological help for their ongoing “complex mental health issues,” and problematic off-set behavior, their co-stars are sympathetic to their situation.

Co-star Michael Shannon, who portrays General Zod, weighed in on Ezra Miller’s issues by stating, “any time somebody is out in the spotlight getting picked on, I feel for them. Even if it’s warranted, it’s still a horrible situation.” He went on to say that Miller was very kind on-set and an absolute pleasure to work with.

In other words, Ezra Miller was known to act professionally on set, despite their ongoing personal and legal issues. But these issues could still negatively affect the public’s reception of the film.

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Ezra Miller and Ezra Miller in The Flash

Ezra Miller’s most recent controversy stems from an August 2022 burglary charge, in which they pleaded guilty to trespassing, leading to the burglary charges being dropped. But there were more past incidents that involved drug possession in 2011, a physical altercation in March 2022, and a harassment allegation in June of that same year.

But what does this mean for the upcoming release of The Flash? At this point, a few weeks out from release, there’s nothing that can be done except for everyone at Warner Bros Discovery to try and weather the publicity storm around their star. Reshoots were never an option according to the studio, which for better or worse, has been standing by Ezra Miller during their struggles.

The most logical and the most likely approach to ensure a successful release of The Flash would be to release the film as is but to make sure Ezra Miller is limited in their participation when it comes to matters of the press. Given Miller’s psychological state, it’s reasonable to assume that they aren’t in the right state of mind to do a press tour or field questions during any upcoming convention panels. In other words, the show must go on, but it’s safe to say that Ezra Miller will be laying low for the time being while they work through their issues.

The Flash is currently slated for a June 16, 2023, theatrical release and will, in many ways, be a landmark DC Studios film. Though we’re not certain about Ezra Miller’s future with the franchise, given their recent controversies, we wish them well and hope they find the help they need.