Fictional Marvel Hero Releases Autobiography, See The Announcement Video

Paul Rudd introduced a new Ant-Man autobiography that can be purchased in real life and will be seen in Ant-Man 3.

By Jessica Scott | Published

Paul Rudd Ant-Man autobiography

Dad-Man, Ant-Man, Avenger… and now published author? Scott Lang can do it all! Marvel Studios just announced the release of Look Out for the Little Guy, the “very real” Ant-Man autobiography written by Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man character, Scott Lang. 

Did I mention that it is a real book?

The fact that the Ant-Man autobiography is a real book that people can buy at real bookstores seems to be the main point of the goofy announcement video, in which Paul Rudd plays himself playing Scott Lang, the superhero in question. According to Marvel’s website, the book is being published by Hyperion Avenue and is available for preorder now for $26.99. The official on-sale date is slated for September 5, 2023. 

The Ant-Man autobiography, written by someone who Paul Rudd says was not him, is written in the voice of Scott Lang, who shares 20 short stories that delve into the different parts of his life, ranging from his experiences “as Ant-Man, as a dad, as an Avenger, and as an everyman looking back on some incredible life moments.” 

While not really written by Paul Rudd, the Ant-Man autobiography reportedly manages to capture his wholesome, funny, humble portrayal of Scott Lang, making it read like it was really, truly written by the character. While there have been many novelizations of films published in the past, this is a fresh idea that will serve as yet another way to gain publicity for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which premieres on February 17, 2023.

Ant-Man 3 David Dastmalchian

In a move that Rudd refers to in the announcement video as being very “meta,” Quantumania’s first scene opens on Scott Lang, who is on a book tour for his in-movie bestseller, Look Out for the Little Guy, a memoir about his life as both a superhero and a father. So, the idea is that you can read the same Ant-Man autobiography in real life that the characters are reading in the movie. 

In a statement to Marvel, Scott Lang said that readers can “read all about what it’s like to be the little guy (and sometimes, the very, very big guy) overcoming all the odds to help defeat Thanos,” something the company is hoping that kids and adult fans alike will love.

For those who are unfamiliar with the films or the comic book character of Ant-Man, here is a short (free) autobiography: Scott Lang graduated with an engineering degree from MIT, but seemingly wasted his potential by turning to a life of crime, in which he strove to make a corporation pay for scamming its customers. While he was doing time for this crime, his wife divorced him and took full custody of his daughter, Cassie.

In 2015, he gets out of prison and tries to reconnect with his daughter, only to face trouble at every turn. Since he needs money to pay the child support he owes, he turns back to crime and helps his former cellmate and current roommate Luis with a burglary. It is during this burglary that he comes across an old motorcycle suit, which he puts on… and subsequently shrinks down to the size of an ant.

This burglary leads to the discovery that the suit’s owner, Hank Pym, was once a superhero named Ant-Man, a mantle Scott Lang soon picks up himself, with the help of Hank’s daughter, Hope, who eventually becomes the Wasp. 

The Ant-Man autobiography will take a deeper look into these events as it looks at how Scott Lang reconnected with Cassie, as well as how he manages his important role in the Avengers. And as if that weren’t enough, in the words of the announcement video: “it’s a bestseller!”