An All-Female Avengers Movie Is In The Works At Marvel

By Doug Norrie | 8 months ago

female avengers

An all-female Avengers movie would be a welcome sight for fans of the universe. We got a sneak peek at something close to a team during Avengers: Endgame when a group of superhero ladies stood their ground and then led the way in an assault on Thanos’s army to secure the gemstones. While the scene itself drew some mixed reactions at the time, there was no argument that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a fantastic job of developing its female characters. And now we might get a full-on team-up with rumors flying about a possible all-female Avengers movie.

If Marvel decided to go this route for an all-female Avengers movie, they would have plenty of characters to choose from. Over the studio’s two-decade-long run, they’ve established a number of characters we’ve already come to know and love, along with others in the pipeline. Heck, at this point there might be almost too many to choose among.

For starters, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch were already part of the original crew. The former met her end in Endgame, but as we’ve seen from rumors around future MCU projects there is definitely a loose grasp over time and reality at this point. With some projects moving into alternate timelines and dimensions, there’s no reason to expect Black Widow is gone forever and couldn’t appear in an all-female Avengers lineup. If characters like Captain America can make a return, she could as well. The Black Widow solo movie is coming down the pike (finally) with a release date for May 7. 2021.

Additionally, Scarlet Witch is set to roll in WandaVision coming to Disney+. While that shows plotlines could be a bit creatively divergent from other works we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s no doubt she’s already one of the most powerful characters in the universe.

wandavision scarlet witch feature

She’s probably only overshadowed by Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. Though it’s a little unclear how the studio will take her character going forward. If involved, it almost feels like she’d be the leader of a female Avengers group. But we’ve seen her character also have bigger intergalactic fish to fry in the past. Even with some rumblings of dissent about Captain Marvel 2, I think we can expect her to be part of this group. 

Others might include Wasp who stood as part of that group in Endgame and already has a team-up movie with Ant-Man under her wings. Bringing her back into the mix would make a lot of sense. Plus, don’t forget about Shuri and Okoye coming over from Wakanda.

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In addition to the characters we already know, some upcoming Marvel projects could also lend some new characters to an all-female group. She-Hulk is getting her own series, though who is starring in it remains a point of contention.

Spider-Woman does not have a feature film currently in development, but she could also make an appearance if the Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to band together with a group of female Avengers. Olivia Wilde is set to direct an unknown Marvel movie and made hints that Spider-Woman could be part of the plans.


And finally, among others, we already have X-Men characters like Storm entering the mix and Valkyrie the new Queen of Asgard.

This all to say that rumors of an all-female Avengers team-up are just that: rumors. However, it makes almost too much sense at this point to pull the trigger on the concept. It would almost be a question of who wasn’t going to be in the movie if it were to be made.