Felicia Day’s Signature Series Is Leaving Netflix, Watch While You Can

By Hayden Mears | 4 months ago

The Guild Felicia Day

According to What’s on Netflix, Felicia Day’s beloved, six-season series The Guild is scheduled to leave Netflix on March 1. The web show originally aired on YouTube from July 27, 2007 to 2013, coming in at 70 episodes at the end of its run.

Each episode ranged from 3-12 minutes and began with a recap by Felicia Day. What’s on Netflix did not reveal where the series would be available next, or even if it would be, but they did mention that they reached out to the show’s distributor, WME Entertainment, for official word on where/when to expect it next.

The Guild centered around an online gamers’ guild that consisted of Codex/Cyd Sherman (Felicia Day), Zaboo/Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg (Sandeep Parikh), Vork/Herman Holden (Jeff Lewis), and others. Together, they fought against the Axis of Anarchy, a competing group led by Fawkes (Wil Wheaton). It’s just as fun as it sounds and it is 100% worth checking out. With the show leaving Netflix in just a few weeks, there’s no better time to marathon the series for the first time, or revisit it once more before it’s gone for the foreseeable future.

The Guild

In addition to creating The Guild, Felicia Day is perhaps best known for her roles in several Joss Whedon projects like the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the quirky but timeless Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. She also created the premium YouTube channel Geek and Sundry, which premiered on April 2, 2012, before being acquired by Legendary, which also owns the Chris Hardwick-created Nerdist, in August 2014. As per the agreement of the new deal, Day still had creative control over Geek and Sundry before ultimately leaving in 2016. Now, she has branched out into other media, with her transformation into a prolific podcaster being a notable shift.

Much more recently, Felicia Day has appeared alongside The Legend of Korra voice actress Janet Varney in the sci-fi comedy podcast Voyage to the Stars. It’s a hilarious podcast, which showcases Day’s brilliance and her great dynamic with Varney and a rotating roster of Hollywood stars.

In addition to playing a gamer on The Guild, Felicia Day has also lent her voice to quite a video games over the years. Day voiced Veronica Santangelo in 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas, and played the character of Tallis in 2011’s Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin. Also in both 2012’s Guild Wars 2 and 2015’s Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, she voiced the character of Zojja. But The Guild isn’t the only series Felicia Day has created. She also wrote and starred in the six-part Dragon Age web series Dragon Age: Redemption, which acted as a tie-in to the Dragon Age II DLC pack, Mark of the Assassin.

Felicia Day The Guild

In recent years, Felicia Day has focused mostly on voice acting. Most recently, she voiced Mary Jane Watson in 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-Man animated series. She has also played Betty in Adventure Time and she currently plays Cynder on Netflix’s Skylanders Academy series.

Yet Felicia Day still finds time to occasionally appear in various movies and TV shows in more than just a voice role. Recently, she appeared in a pair of episodes of The Magicians, was a cast member of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot as Kinga Forrester, played Dr. Holly Marten on Eureka, and notably was in ten episodes of Supernatural over the course of its run.

The Guild has won numerous awards, including four International Academy of Web Television awards and six Streamy awards. The series also came in at #37 on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels List in 2014. This is the show that helped introduce Felicia Day to countless people, and it definitely paved the way for many of her future successes.

The Guild

If you are still a collector/fan of physical media, the entire series is also available on DVD. If you’re not wanting to let go of the series just yet, don’t fret! The cast of The Guild usually plays live on Twitch on Sunday nights. If you’re wanting to dive into Felicia Day’s The Guild and have a bit of time to kill, now is your opportunity! Once you start the series, you will have no problem blowing through all 70 episodes in no time at all. The Guild leaves Netflix streaming on March 1st.