Fast & Furious 10 Gets Another DC Movie Star

Fast & Furious 10 is adding another star to the franchise, this time bringing someone over from the DC Extended Universe in a new role

By Doug Norrie | Published

fast & furious 10

In the world of big-budget franchises, it’s easy for stars to start showing up all over the place in different ones. That’s just the way of the industry. Once you’ve seen an actor or actress in a huge role for a hit movie, it’s a lot easier to see them in another huge role for another hit movie. There’s almost a level of transference around it which is why we get so many of the same faces up on the big screen. And it looks like it is happening again with the most recent word from The Wrap (via that Daniela Melchior was joining Fast & Furious 10, becoming a part of that billion-dollar franchise. 

It’s not yet known what role Daniela Melchior will have in Fast & Furious 10 which will be the penultimate movie in the franchise. There are plans to shoot the 10th and 11th installments and then the original, Vin Diesel-led cast will step aside from the story. There is a good chance things continue with other spin-offs, a la Hobbs & Shaw in the future, but the original group looks like they are going to move off into the fast-driving retirement home. It will have been a hell of a run considering this franchise has now totaled more than $6.6 billion dollars at the box office throughout its run. 

Of course, Daniela Melchior had something of a breakout role last year in The Suicide Squad, the James Gunn-directed reboot of the DC franchise. She played Cleo Cazo/ the Ratcatcher 2, an unlikely addition to the DC Cinematic Universe considering her overall powers. But Melchior was fantastic, humanizing a role that really could have and should have come off as extra creepy. After all, she’s able to summon rats in massive numbers and communicate with them to do her bidding. Her relative warmth and backstory made the character fit right in from a cinematic sense. Adding her to Fast & Furious 10 makes a ton of sense and her character could go a number of different ways.

The Portuguese-born Daniela Melchior is relatively new on the Hollywood scene with The Suicide Squad being, easily, her first major credit stateside. She has a number of credits in Portugal, but these mark her first forays into American cinema. It’s a hell of a way to start. Before Fast & Furious 10 hits the big screen though, she does have a couple of other productions slotted in between. The first will be Assassin Club which also stars Snake Eyes’ Henry Golding. It will also feature Sam Neill and Noomi Rapace. 

And then Daniela Melchior will also star in Marlowe from director Neil Jordan with a script by William Monahan. It will star Liam Neeson as an aging detective who becomes part of an investigation into a possible murder by a rich heiress. Diane Kruger, Alan Cumming, Jessica Lange, Patrick Muldoon, and Ian Hart are also part of the cast. That is due out sometime in 2023. As for Fast & Furious 10, the expectation is that this will also hit theaters sometime in 2023, but with something this big those timelines are always up for change.