Fans Are Rallying To Save A Favorite Netflix Series

By James Brizuela | Published

warrior nun

In this unknown Netflix landscape of ours, it’s hard to know what shows will be safe, or which ones will be canceled at a moment’s notice. This has left plenty of campaigns, petitions, and social media floods to keep shows alive while the media company decides what to do, or if the budget exists to even keep said shows. Fans are now flooding Twitter to stake their claim in wanting or hoping Warrior Nun will be kept alive by Netflix, after a remarkably well-received second season.

While we are not sure what manifesting on Twitter is going to do, this fan clearly wants Warrior Nun to remain at Netflix. We do like the circle of candles to symbolize the spell being used to ensure that the media giant keeps one of the biggest fan-favorite shows.

We are not sure what miracle is happening, or what Loona Island is, but we do know that Warrior Nun being kept on Netflix is a done deal, at least according to the above Twitter user. Where one begs for manifestation, another solidifies it by confirming so. We respect the confidence in the above tweet.

Not entirely sure what is happening in the above video, but we sure hope that Warrior Nun is renewed on Netflix so that the above Twitter user will be able to hold onto their mental psyche. Sometimes these shows are all that we look forward to when life gets tough. Do the right thing, Netflix.

The above tweet kind of reminds us of when that guy organized a huge “Naruto run” into Area 51. They can’t stop everyone, right? We would imagine the “us” in the above tweet is referring to the droves of fans wanting Warrior Nun to stay on Netflix.

We are sure that the above Twitter user doesn’t know how production works. While Warrior Nun could be saved on Netflix, you and the rest of the world are certainly not going to get it right now. It will take a year minimum of production for the show to be close to ready.

We are not sure if prayer is going to help things but banding together with everyone on Twitter to voice wanting Warrior Nun to return on Netflix could do the trick. The media company might be forced to bring it back if enough noise is made, so keep on praying and tweeting.

While it might seem odd that Warrior Nun is a draw on Netflix, considering its first season, the second season exploded into the hearts of fans and critics. The second season currently holds a staggering 100% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, albeit with only six reviews coming in so far. However, the series has a staggering 99% audience approval rating with over 4,000 verified reviews coming in.

This huge audience approval rating for Warrior Nun Season 2 has set a Netflix record, leaving the company to likely have to at least consider renewing the series. However, there has been plenty of troubles at the once-great streaming giant, so we will all have to wait and see what comes of this social media campaign.