Star Wars Fans Are Defending The Worst Decision In The Franchise’s History

By James Brizuela | Published

Hayden Christensen star wars

Star Wars is often criticized for many reasons. Fans around the globe have long argued about if Greedo or Han shot first, whether Yoda had intercourse leading to the birth of Grogu, and about the odd choices that George Lucas made in the prequel trilogy. One of the arguments from the latter of the three happens to be the mention of midi-chlorians, which are essentially bacteria-like substance that lives in the body and allows force users the ability when to use the force. Surprisingly, fans are now coming to the defense of this odd choice.

The issue that adding midi-chlorians into the conversation about the force, is that it takes away the mysterious nature of the force itself. Star Wars has always painted the force as this life force that can be manipulated, but Lucas decided to turn it into a tangible aspect of the body. It never made sense, but the above Reddit post seems to point out that it made sense why Luke and Leia felt things that Han or Lando did not.

To be honest, the above description is a bit more believable in terms of determining what midi-chlorians are in the Star Wars universe. This bacteria-like matter operates in tandem with the force and does leave in the mysticism of the force itself. We are not mad about the above explanation.

Now, the above comment makes more sense and further proves the point we are trying to make. The negative fan response is that Star Wars was trying to expand upon an idea that everyone had already bought into. If you watch the films, you understand that the force is something Jedi and Sith can manipulate. It should have ended at that. Still, the above fan response knows that hating something so deeply is unnecessary too. We get that, but it was still a decision that we cannot support.

Regardless of how people feel, George Lucas could have done so much better with the prequel trilogy. That includes the decision to use midi-chlorians in the conversation about the force. Jar Jar Binks was a throwaway character that did not need to be there, and the pod racing segment was also a dodgy choice. Anakin was meant to show off his connection to the force, but a bacteria-like substance and pod racing were just not the best decisions to prove that he was going to become Darth Vader. We all understood that from the original Star Wars trilogy. We could have been given a different side of showing Anakin as a kid getting angry or being far more powerful than anyone before him, but not by pod racing and midi-chlorians.

A strange thing is that plenty of Star Wars fans have been coming to the defense of the prequel trilogy in recent years. The decisions that have been long discussed seem to be pointing more to the positive side of things. Still, George Lucas could have tarnished what made the original trilogy so special. We think everyone is starting to feel less angry about the prequels because the sequel trilogy also had a ton of glaring issues. Either way, despite the consistent arguments, Star Wars is beloved by the world.