Fans Are Begging For One Thing To Happen In The New Super Mario Movie

Twitter is filled with people upset that Mario has a flat butt on the Super Mario movie poster.

By James Brizuela | Published

We are just a day away from seeing the new Chris Pratt-led Super Mario movie, but there is one huge problem. While we wait for the highly anticipated trailer, Illumination decided to tease the world with the first poster of the new movie, and fans were quick to point out one huge flaw. Apparently, Mario’s rear end is living up to what people expect, leaving Twitter to call for his butt to be digitally placed back.

It is a bit weird that people would be focusing on Mario’s butt and not worrying about how Chris Pratt is going to be voicing the titular hero. The Super Mario movie could live and die on Pratt’s vocal talents, or lack thereof. There is enough star power in the movie to possibly make it huge, but if Pratt sounds terrible, Twitter will be on fire for a whole new reason.

We would have to agree with the above Twitter user. We aren’t sure why the Super Mario movie is now being criticized for Mario’s butt, but as they say, “bad press is still good press.”

We might think that this Twitter user has not played any of the Super Mario games, as Mario jumps on Goombas with his feet, and doesn’t land on them with his butt. However, if scientifically having a flat butt means you can’t jump higher, then the Super Mario movie is certainly going to have some problems.

To complement our above point, this Twitter user has pointed out a major flaw in Mario having a flat butt. Anyone who happens to work out knows that jumping, climbing, and squatting would surely give anyone more toned hindquarters. The Super Mario movie might be off to a rocky start for inaccuracy.

We would have to agree that the Super Mario movie poster has given us plenty of hope, as the overworld looks fantastic. However, we would also have to agree that Mario does look to have a bit of a pancake butt. Maybe he retracts it in preparation for a jump?

We must agree with the above sentiment. Without Mario, Nintendo might not have ever grown into the mega-corporation that it currently is. The Super Mario movie may need to digitize his butt back into place, otherwise, we could have a Sonic the Hedgehog-level outcry on our hands.

We are not sure that Mario ever had a huge mullet, at least it was just his hair that curled underneath his hat. However, if Mario is canonically not thick, that does not necessarily mean that he would have a flat butt. Either way, the Super Mario movie trailer will give us more of an idea about the size of Mario soon.

In this day and age, the internet is going to get upset about many things, and it seems that everyone is outraged by a small fraction of Mario’s design However, we certainly did not think that his butt would be such a hot topic issue, as we are mostly wanting to hear what Chris Pratt sounds like in the Super Mario movie. We won’t have to wait much longer though, as the trailer for the new video adaptation drops tomorrow.