Fans Are Weirdly Happy At Marvel’s Major Setback

Fans on Twitter have been expressing their support for the Marvel delays for many of the upcoming movies.

By James Brizuela | Published

Disney and Marvel shocked the world yesterday when they decided to completely overhaul the release schedule for many of the anticipated MCU entries that would be coming out. Of those affected were Blade, Avengers: Secret Wars, Deadpool 3, and Fantastic Four. While delays are never fun for anyone, the fandom seems to be more than ok with these delays, which could be because of fatigue in releases.

The above Twitter user perfectly described the dichotomy of feelings that most Marvel fans are likely having right now. While most of us don’t want to see delays happen, there is that other part that does have fatigue. It is hard enough to catch up with all the new shows and movies being released, so having breaks is going to go over well.

This Twitter user is correct in that the VFX team at Marvel has been involved in plenty of controversy from comments stating they are overworked and underpaid. While the fandom certainly wants to see new releases happen, we are more than happy to see the VFX workers catch some sort of break too.

Another great point. Marvel likely needs more time to produce and get out the highest quality for their upcoming releases, especially the ones listed, as they are highly anticipated. Not to throw hate towards Thor: Love and Thunder, but we all can see what happens when a story is rushed.

We agree with the above tweet, as Blade being delayed to find the right director is certainly the right move to make. Marvel has to succeed with this one, as the Wesley Snipes-led films were highly entertaining. Well, maybe not the last one.

More overwhelming support for the Marvel VFX team, as they can possibly breathe a sigh of relief that they are getting more time to work on all these upcoming features. These delays could also signify a step in the right direction to calm the storm of the horrible admissions that VFX workers have stated about Marvel.

Also, a good point was made by the above Twitter user. Games are often delayed many times, but gamers welcome those delays so they can receive the best possible version of the video games they love. It seems Marvel fans are ready to do the same.

We certainly didn’t think of these delays in terms of Marvel wanting to push out more movies in between, but that could certainly happen now. There have been plenty of rumors regarding a World War Hulk movie, so maybe that is what we should be looking out for now.

Delays have become commonplace for many movies, not just those that are made under the Marvel banner. While the world is certainly recovering from the requirements placed on productions because of Covid restrictions, it seems that things are slowly starting to calm down, allowing work to resume without the threat of the virus running rampant again. Fans have also seemingly become more open to allowing delays to happen, and the consensus seems to be that VFX artists need a break, and higher quality is also expected, so people are happy to wait a bit longer.