Fans Are Confused About Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice For The Super Mario Movie

Fans have taken to Twitter to talk about their huge confusion with how Chris Pratt sounds as Mario in the Super Mario movie.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Fans were already pretty confused when Shigeru Miyamoto announced that Chris Pratt was going to voice Mario in the Super Mario movie. Now we finally got to hear Pratt’s voice in the trailer and fans are…even more confused. While the performances of Jack Black as Bowser and Keegan-Michael Key as Toad sounded pretty great, Chris Pratt pretty much just sounds like Chris Pratt.

This Twitter user called it when she guesses Chris Pratt would just do his own voice in the Super Mario movie. While you can kind of hear a slight Brooklyn accent in Pratt’s second line, it definitely doesn’t come across in his first line. Still, fans seem pretty excited overall, as evidenced by this fan’s reaction:

The consensus definitely seems to be that Jack Black is absolutely nailing it and that Chris Pratt needs to step it up for the Super Mario movie. Also, it’s hard to deny that Illumination crushed it with the animation — the trailer looks absolutely gorgeous and the characters all look pretty great too. However, some fans noted that Mario does remind them of another infamous Mario movie:

The 1993 Super Mario Bros movie also featured a Brooklyn accent for everyone’s favorite goomba-stomping plumber, so maybe Chris Pratt is taking cues from Bob Hoskins for the new Super Mario movie. Still, comparing this trailer to the trailer from the 1993 Super Mario Bros fever dream shows that video game movies have come a really long way in the past few decades. So much so that this user couldn’t help but be reminded of another quality video game movie from the past few years:

Both of the new Sonic movies have been well-loved by fans and have done pretty well at the box office. If Chris Pratt and the Super Mario movie is able to recreate that success, they would probably be pretty pleased. Of course, we’re used to Sonic having a normal voice whereas we’re used to hearing Charles Martinet shout ‘woo-hoo’ and ‘here we go!’ in a high-pitched (admittedly stereotypical) Italian voice.

To be fair, we’ve only heard two lines from Chris Pratt so far for the Super Mario movie. Plus, it might not be the best experience to have your main character talking in a really high-pitched voice for the entire movie, so this accent choice might be for the sake of audience sanity. Perhaps with a longer trailer and more speaking lines, we’ll grow to be fine with Pratt’s interpretation of the character.

Plus, there are plenty of other performances to look forward to (or dread) other than Chris Pratt’s in the Super Mario movie. The previously mentioned Jack Black and Keegan-Michael Key seem to already be exceeding fan expectations with their Bowser and Toad voices. We also got a very brief clip of Charlie Day’s Luigi at the end, and that seems like it will be another well-casted choice.

The Super Mario Bros cast is rounded out by Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong, and Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek (who also does great in the trailer.) Charles Martinet, the original voice of Mario and many other characters, also has an undisclosed role in the movie. You can check out Chris Pratt and the rest of the cast in The Super Mario Bros movie when it hits theaters on April 7, 2023.