A Fan-Favorite Game Show Is Launching Its Own Streaming Service

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 2 months ago

game show streaming

In this modern day and age, anything seems possible, especially in the realm of technology. A popular game show from England titled Taskmaster is launching its very own streaming service. One of the main reasons for the British television show attempting to launch a streaming service is to reach a global market. The name of the streaming service is called Taskmaster SuperMax+ and has already officially launched for anyone worldwide to have access to. So let’s take a look at what inspired the idea of the streaming service. 

According to Deadline, one of the main reasons for creating and launching Taskmaster Super Max+ is to have a better chance of reaching the U.S. and Canadian markets. What makes this specific streaming service so unique is that it hasn’t been launched by a company, but instead it was launched by a television show. Taskmaster has been tried to launch a few times on American television, to no avail. According to The Guardian, Jon Thoday, the show’s executive producer,  discussed why a streaming service seemed like the best idea in order to reach not just a British audience. “I just noticed by looking at our YouTube numbers that more and more Americans were watching the actual classic UK show online,” stated Thoday. Since Americans were watching the British series online, but the show itself was not successful on regular American television, the idea of a streaming service was born. 


Fans of the show from across the globe can have a chance to watch all episodes of the show, including all versions of it and specials that haven’t been seen, according to Deadline. One of the great pros of the service is that it is actually quite affordable. The price to subscribe to the streaming service is only around $6 each month, which is a lot cheaper than some other streaming sites out there. According to the AV Club, Taskmaster SuperMax+ can already be found on apps such as Roku, Apple TV, and Samsung Smart TV. Now, Americans who love the show can easily see all the episodes with ease and no sudden problems. So, what is Taskmaster and why is it so popular? 

Taskmaster, on the simple side, is a British game show with bits of comedy etched into it. There is usually a group of around 5 contestants who are on the show, and can be a mix of comedians or celebrities, who must complete a number of challenges. The idea of the game show was created by Alex Horne. The series first premiered its first episode back in 2015, and has been a source of comedic entertainment for fans since then. Due to the success of the show, the series has also been nominated and also has won awards such as the British Academy Television Awards. 

The streaming service is a great idea to give global fans easier access to watch the British game show. The service also allows the television show to reach the markets that it wants. There have been various versions of the show that have been created in different countries, but the British version is definitely a classic. Taskmaster SuperMax+ has already officially launched and can be found on streaming apps like Apple TV. For fans of the show or for those who want to take a look at what the series is all about, subscribing to the show’s streaming service seems a great way to go.