CBS News Caught Faking Crowds To Sell A Coronavirus Testing Shortage Story

By Sofia Yang | 1 year ago

CBS news has been caught faking footage to support a story in which they claimed that there were lines of people waiting to be tested at Michigan Coronavirus testing stations. In reality, the testing stations were empty and no one was there, so they created fake lines and shot them.

Evidence of CBS lying to the public was uncovered by Project Veritas when they were approached by a whistleblower and then went and interviewed medical personal at the testing station in question. Those medical personal corroborated the whistleblower’s story saying that not only did CBS news personal make them create fake lines to appear busy, they also kept the one or two real patients they did have from getting tested in a timely manner so they could get the footage they wanted.

Here’s the video evidence collected by Project Veritas…

CBS News has issued a statement on the video where they admit it was staged, but they’re blaming the hospital and say they had nothing to do with it being staged. Here’s their statement as issued to Project Veritas

CBS News did not stage anything at the Cherry Health facility. Any suggestion to the contrary is 100% false. These allegations are alarming. We reached out to Cherry Health to address them immediately. They informed us for the first time that one of their chief officers told at least one staffer to get in the testing line along with real patients. No one from CBS News had any knowledge of this before tonight. They also said that their actions did not prevent any actual patients from being tested. We take the accuracy of our reporting very seriously and we are removing the Cherry Health portion from the piece.

– -CBS News

Meanwhile Project Veritas claims to have an insider at Cherry Health who tells them, “Based on my knowledge, CBS News had asked Cherry Health to fabricate a line to obtain newsworthy footage, I was given this knowledge from a colleague at Cherry Health… After reviewing their response, I can say definitively that the majority of the line shown in their footage is fake, after CBS had gotten the shot they wanted the entire line dispersed and drove in separate directions.”

News Media Faking Photos

This is of course, far from the first time the news media has been caught faking stories and it’s not even the first time they’ve been caught faking lines and crowds around the Coronavirus.

Here’s a classic pice of fakery from the past…

More recently in one instance a photo taken on Jacksonville Beach in Florida was used on articles claiming there were crowds on beaches in Los Angeles.

This twitter user put together complete photo evidence of fakery involved with crowds by the news media…

There have been other numerous accusations of fakery, with photos depicting people breaking social distancing rules having been revealed as taken from an angle where it only made it APPEAR as though people were close together when in fact they were six feet apart.