Fairly OddParents Live-Action Remake Is Happening

The Fairly OddParents is getting a live-action remake and is set to begin filming this June for a release on Paramount+ sooner than later.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Famous cartoons getting live-action remakes isn’t anything new, but it’s surely ramping up of late. It’s almost every day we are hearing about some cartoon, either newer or very old, that has a planned adaptation coming down the pike. And the latest one just dropped some news this week. According to Discussing Film, there is a planned live-action adaptation of The Fairly OddParents in the works right now. 

Not all live-action remakes of popular cartoon shows are created equally of course. Some are just content plays because the thing was mildly popular at some point. But there’s reason to be moderately excited about a The Fairly OddParents show with live actors in the roles. The concept is a funny one and there are potentially a lot of laughs to mine from it with the general idea being adaptable for the small screen. Series creator Butch Hartman is on board as executive producer for the new show and Christopher J. Nowack will act as the showrunner. 

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The Fairly OddParents came out on Nickelodeon back in 2001 and it follows the main character Timmy Turner who is a rather disaffected young boy who’s tormented by his babysitter and just had your day-to-day struggles of childhood. That is until he is given two fairy godparents whose sole mission is to grant him whatever he wishes for. This sounds like a child’s paradise right? Wrong. The general idea of the show is that whatever Timmy wishes for usually brings with it some unintended consequence that he must then figure out a way to solve. It’s an imaginative show and funny in its own right. But the premise is what could especially work for a live-action setting. 

This latest report also said that the new show will plan to bring back many of the original characters like Timmy and the godparents Cosmo and Wanda, as well as the vicious babysitter Vicky. But there will also be new characters added to The Fairly OddParents mix in an effort to somewhat expand the universe and broaden some of the storylines. Basically, it will just be a real series instead of a rather insular cartoon. 

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Butch Hartman created The Fairly OddParents and was with the show for all 11 seasons. It did take a multi-year hiatus in the mid-2000s, but then came back and finished up its series run back in 2017. This new live-action show will be on Paramount+ streaming and is slated to start filming sometime in June. There don’t appear to have been any formal casting decisions as of this writing, though with this announcement those could come quickly especially considering the reported timeline on production. 

Over the years, The Fairly OddParents was up for multiple awards and in 2010 took home two Daytime Emmy Awards in Outstanding Individual Animation as well as Outstanding Sound Mixing. It’s great that this new show, though in a different form, will have the same creative talents behind what made the original such a great program. We are sure to hear more about the show’s specifics in the next couple of months.