Ezra Miller’s The Flash Is Finally Finished?

Ezra Miller and The Flash are moving forward, as the final cut of the movie has now been reached.

By James Brizuela | Published

Through all the drama that has surrounded Ezra Miller and DC wanting to even release The Flash, the movie has now moved on to an important step in the production process, as the final cut of the movie has now been reached. All that is left is for the VFX, sound mixing, and some polishing to happen for the next DCEU movie to be ready for its scheduled release on June 23, 2023.

DC had an important decision to make when it came to Ezra Miller and The Flash, as the actor had been getting themself into a ton of trouble the last few months from some hugely erratic behavior. The Warner Bros. Discovery merger also put heightened pressure on the release of the movie, as CEO David Zaslav made the highly controversial decision to cancel Batgirl out of nowhere. With Batgirl being canceled, many believed that The Flash would soon follow.

ezra miller the flash

DC is currently searching for its Kevin Feige-type leader after current DC films CEO Walter Hamada voiced his displeasure with Batgirl being canceled, leaving him to all but resign his position at the company. However, he agreed to stay and see the release of Black Adam happen, which is fast approaching. The current state of DC is messy at best, but the company is banking on Black Adam, Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, and the Ezra Miller-led The Flash movie to set things right and start the company on its “10-year” plan.

This 10-year plan was enacted by WBD CEO David Zaslav, as the idea for DC is to now shape it in the same way that Kevin Feige shaped the MCU. While that plan is something that should have happened long ago, many people are not buying into the idea, especially after Batgirl had been canceled. Ezra Miller’s erratic behavior and David Zaslav choosing not to cancel The Flash also let a lot of people not back the current trajectory that DC is on right now.

Despite all that, Ezra Miller did apologize for their behavior, leaving The Flash to move forward. This was after an ultimatum was presumably given to the actor to seek help and atone for his wild behavior or be replaced by the studio as the lead actor in the movie. Considering that DC has sunk a lot of money into The Flash, potentially leading to more DCEU appearances, it seems Miller wised up and made the right choice.

Now that Ezra Miller is done filming The Flash, and the final cut has been achieved, we can presumably get a trailer sometime soon. A trailer happening six months before release isn’t that wild, as it could just be a teaser trailer. Either way, WBD and DC are banking on the idea that Miller’s past behavior has not sunk this movie.

Ezra Miller will return as The Flash when the solo movie debuts on June 23, 2023. We would assume that The Flash might be appearing in one of the other earlier released DC movies, but his behavior could have also resulted in a post-credits scene or cameo being cut.