Ezra Miller’s The Flash 2 Already In The Works?

Ezra Miller may actually star in The Flash 2, which already has a completed screenplay.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Ezra Miller has become one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood in a mere matter of months, but that has not seemed to stop the development of The Flash 2. Although the first movie starring Ezra Miller as the DC Universe’s Barry Allen (or one version of Barry Allen, anyway) has not yet been released, it seems that Warner Bros. Discovery is grimly determined to make it a franchise. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, a script for Ezra Miller to star in The Flash 2 has already been completed.

The Flash feature film was initially developed to be released in 2016, which is a pretty good indication of how smoothly production has gone on the movie. Ezra Miller was cast as the DC Universe’s resident speedster all the way back in 2014, at which point the actor was best known for dramatic turns in ​​We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Since then, the public perception of Ezra Miller has vastly changed, which makes it odd that The Flash 2 is still a goal for Warner Bros. Discovery. 

Ezra Miller The Flash

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the screenplay for The Flash 2 was written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who co-wrote both Aquaman and the forthcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. It stands to reason that would seem like a safe bet for Warner Bros. Discovery, considering the first movie grossed over a billion dollars and its sequel is the closest thing the company has to a sure thing in the superhero department right now. However, the personal tribulations of Ezra Miller are such that it makes the development of The Flash 2 especially precarious.

Currently, Ezra Miller is on trial for both a felony burglary and a misdemeanor petit larceny charge in Vermont stemming from an accusation that he had unlawfully entered a home and stole several bottles of alcohol. If found guilty, Ezra Miller could potentially be sentenced to up to 26 years in prison, which feels like it might have an effect on the future of The Flash 2. Ezra Miller has pled not guilty to the charges and was allowed to remain free during the trial, on conditions including having no contact with several neighbors.

Additionally, Ezra Miller has been involved in a number of legal issues in the last year, including multiple arrests in Hawaii, accusations of assault, and allegations that they have groomed minors and suffer from delusions of grandeur (specifically, allegedly claiming they are Jesus Christ and a “Messiah” to American Indigenous peoples). It is difficult to imagine that Warner Bros. Discovery is deadset on Ezra Miller starring in The Flash 2, but stranger things have happened.

However, Warner Bros. Discovery has seemed surprisingly determined to release The Flash, even while CEO David Zaslav has been apparently willing to cancel production or even release of virtually any other content. For now, we shall have to see whether Ezra Miller actually gets to star in The Flash 2, or whether Warner Bros. Discovery finally just gives in and gives Grant Gustin a call.