Ezra Miller Getting A Massive Reveal In Fantastic Beasts 3?

Ezra Miller's character may have more secrets in Fantastic Beasts 3.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Harry Potter is a franchise with a lot of sentimentality for many. There is a common problem when you’re a major fan of a franchise. On one hand, audiences want more of the story that they love. On the other hand, there is a specific kind of pain that comes with watching new releases come out again seeing the thing you love turn into something else. The first two Fantastic Beasts films have raised a lot of questions so far. The actors involved have a lot of trouble behind the scenes. Ezra Miller choked a fan in a bar, on video. Johnny Depp has now been replaced for the third installment with Mads Mikkelsen. It seems like things behind the scenes are a mess. With the studio stretching this saga out for five installments, it has some wondering if there’s enough story there to make this something audiences will enjoy seeing. A new rumor has people even more concerned.

In the previous Fantastic Beasts movies, it was revealed that Credence Barebone (played by Ezra Miller) was actually born as Aurelius Dumbledore, brother to Albus and Aberforth. The secret child reveal is maybe a little overdone these days and was met with mixed reactions. Now, according to sources for We Got This Covered, the writing team is planning for the big reveal in Fantastic Beasts 3 to be that Credence Barebone isn’t actually the brother of Albus and Aberforth, though he is a Dumbledore. The movie will reveal Barebone to actually be Aberforth’s son, and therefore the nephew of Albus Dumbledore. According to We Got This Covered, the new movie will say that Aberforth had an affair with a woman that resulted in the birth of Credence Barebone, and the child was secreted away until now.

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Keep in mind that this is only a rumor and should be taken with a hefty grain of salt. There isn’t a lot of other reason to believe this rumor for Ezra Miller’s character is true. Also, it doesn’t sound like something that many would want to believe is true. Have things truly gotten so bad behind the scenes that the writer’s room can’t see how annoying that story idea is?

Do we have no reason to believe they can do better than that? Why do writers for big franchises ever do that annoying bit where they make a huge and revealing announcement, and then take it back? Did they not have a better plan when they introduced this storyline for Ezra Miller? Saying “oops, actually let’s do this other thing instead” isn’t a plot twist, it’s just lazy writing. Instead of twisting the narrative by undoing previous installments, can’t they find a way to make this actually interesting? This isn’t television writing, where the writers have no idea of how long they can keep the story going. This is a film with planned installments. The family switch out makes sense on a soap opera where they are coming up with new stories every day. It doesn’t work in movies. Here’s hoping this rumor proves false and the writers for the movie know better than this.