Ezra Miller’s Director Says They Need A Serious Intervention

Well, yeah!

By Joshua Jones | Published

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Flash star Ezra Miller has been in the news for their antics beyond filming the anticipated comic book film. They were recently charged with burglary after Vermont state police investigated several bottles of alcohol being taken from Vermont residences. Since all the negative news surrounding Miller has come out, the star has apologized for their behavior and stated that they had begun mental health treatment. Despite Miller’s allegedly horrendous behavior, The Flash is still slated for a summer 2023 release date. They are also set to appear in director Mary Harron’s Daliland, in which Miller plays a minor supporting role as a young Salvador Dali. During an interview with Vanity Fair, Harron confirmed that Miller would not be cut out of the film.

“The film was completely finished and wrapped. It might have been different, especially if we were shooting, if there had been bad behavior during that. But this all happened after the film was not only filmed, but edited and mixed and done. I also felt like everybody shot all those things in good faith. Nothing bad happened during our filming, and the film is the film.”

Harron then spoke about the star’s recent actions away from the camera, saying:

“I’m not condoning anything they’ve done wrong. I think it doesn’t matter how talented someone is, if they’ve done anything wrong, they have to face it. I also think that clearly this is not just a young star acting out. This is much more serious. This seems like something that needs a serious intervention, which I hope has happened.”

Ezra Miller initially made headlines in 2020 after a video surfaced of them appearing to be choking a woman outside of a bar in Iceland. The actor was then arrested twice in Hawaii, with one of the arrests for disorderly conduct and harassment. Miller ended up paying a $500 fine and $30 court cost. It was reported that their harassment charge was dismissed. When discussing their performance in Daliland, Harron mentioned that Miller turned in a “completely realized performance” and said it was “upsetting” for her to read about the star’s issues in the news. The film is set to close the Toronto International Film Festival next week. Academy Award winning actor Ben Kingsley stars as an older Dali.

In June 2022, Ezra Miller was issued a temporary order of protection from the Standing Rock Sioux tribal court. The protection order was on behalf of 18-year-old Tokota Iron Eyes, whose parents alleged the actor used “violence, fear, paranoia, drugs” and among other tactics to manipulate the child. Miller faced another allegation in the same month when a 12-year-old and her mother claimed Miller threatened them and acted inappropriately towards the child. According to Business Insider, Miller had known the family for months and had taken an interest in the child.

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As for their role in the upcoming Flash movie, it’s doubtful that Ezra Miller’s role will get significantly reduced due to them playing multiple versions of the character. The film has endured numerous delays due to directors quitting the project, the COVID-19 pandemic, and post-production setbacks. Directed by Andy Muschietti, The Flash will reintroduce audiences to Michael Kenton’s Batman and serve as a somewhat final goodbye to Ben Affleck’s version of the character. The film was recently pushed to June 2023 due to the pandemic significantly impacting visual effects artists and vendors. In addition to multiple Batman appearances, the film will also feature Sasha Calle as Supergirl and is rumored to feature a younger Superman.

Regardless of whether Flash makes its release date, at least fans of Ezra Miller now know that he’s still delivered what appears to be a great performance in Daliland. It will be interesting to see whether their performance may curtail some of the negative press surrounding them. As of now, fans will just have to wait and see the next chapter of the Ezra Miller story.