Ezra Miller Controversies Leaves DC With Three Options On The Flash Release

DC and Warner Bros. Discovery are in a tough spot, as the companies have now been mulling over three options relating to canceling The Flash and Ezra Miller.

By James Brizuela | Published

ezra miller the flash dc

Ezra Miller was recently charged with felony burglary, as they were shown on camera stealing bottles of alcohol from a home without the owners knowing about it. This latest trouble is just another in the long string of erratic behavior that has led to the possibility of Warner Bros. Discovery taking the drastic act of shelving The Flash movie. However, ongoing talks have produced two other options to explore before resulting in the third and worst-case scenario that was just mentioned.

The first option is to get Ezra Miller some help, as they would return to their family home in Vermont. They would seek help, eventually leading to publicly explaining the behavior that has gone on these past few years. Miller would do the normal press tour for the film after that, and the film would be released as scheduled. The second option would be that Miller options to not seek help, leaving him to be ignored in the press tour for The Flash. The movie would come out, but Miller would then exit DC and not be asked to return in any further entries. The final option is to completely cancel the film, which is the option that we believe most people are pushing for. Miller’s behavior has been enough to warrant them being replaced in a total reshoot scenario.

The most recent troubling information comes in the form of Ezra Miller being sought by Child Protective Services in Vermont. A mother and her three children have been reported to be on a farm with Miller. This farm was also the reported location that Miller was at that apparently had guns everywhere. There are children on this farm, so their erratic behavior mixed with guns is certainly not a good look at all. All this trouble could essentially tank the film anyway, so Warner Bros. Discovery might be stuck with the third and final option if more drama comes out about the actor.

Ezra Miller was rumored to be seeking help, or rather, they agreed to seek help. However, that might not be the case based on these new reports about the actor. I supposed that most people should be given a second chance, but that would mean that Miller needs to truly seek help and admit that they have been acting in an unacceptable way. Admitting mistakes and being open about wanting to correct those mistakes will go a long way toward repairing their public image. However, if any more troubling news comes out, Miller might be too far gone.

The Flash could be boycotted by the public, should Ezra Miller not seek help for his behavior. That is truly the only course of action, as their exploits have made headlines for far too long. It’s a bit odd that Warner Bros. Discovery so willingly canceled Batgirl, but the company has no issues with a leading actor that has caused nothing but bad press for their upcoming film. Something should be done, and soon, otherwise, the film might completely lose out on more money than was used to make it.