Exclusive: Will Smith To Return As Deadshot

Will Smith isn't done with Deadshot yet.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

will smith deadshot

Will Smith was a major get for the DC universe when he starred in Suicide Squad back in 2017. The superstar headlined the film as the incredibly talented assassin Floyd Lawton a.k.a. Deadshot. Unfortunately, the version of Suicide Squad that we got was a much different version than what writer/director David Ayer originally intended. As such, it seems like the actor was not exactly interested in reprising the role when Warner Bros. decided to softly reboot the series with James Gunn’s new movie The Suicide Squad. It looks like he has been replaced with the Idris Elba character Bloodsport, who was originally supposed to be Deadshot but was re-written in case Will Smith wanted to return in any future projects. And it looks like that decision was the right one.

Giant Freakin Robot has obtained exclusive information from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that says Warner Bros. is actively pursuing Will Smith to return as Deadshot. According to our intel, the door is open to him for a number of different project possibilities. Warner Bros. is open to the idea of a solo Deadshot movie or a series on HBO Max along the lines of what they are doing with John Cena’s Peacemaker character from The Suicide Squad. They also are keeping the door open for Deadshot to appear in Suicide Squad 3 if the new film manages to be a success. It certainly sounds like the studio is going out of its way to give the megastar all the options possible when it comes to returning to the franchise.

And it certainly makes sense why they would do this. Will Smith is still one of the most recognizable and celebrated leading men in movies today. While he might not be as big of a guaranteed box office draw as he once was, he is still a worldwide celebrity and one that brings attention to any project he is attached to. Having him return as Deadshot in a solo movie, an HBO Max series, or Suicide Squad 3 would be newsworthy. And if it ends up continuing another arm of the DC Extended Universe such as an appearance by Ben Affleck’s Batman, that would also be cause for interest. No matter what kind of project it would end up being, having Will Smith back as Deadshot is going to be notable and grab the attention of casual viewers and DC fans.

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We have to imagine that a lot of this hinges on just what the response to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad will be. If it performs well, perhaps the studio will want to pursue other avenues with the franchise. That will likely mean a direct sequel that could leave a role open for Will Smith. Or perhaps the studio will see that they can move forward without the actor and what would likely be his sizeable salary. Another possibility is that the movie’s success will mean they will make more spinoffs from the franchise. A Deadshot limited series would absolutely be something that would attract more viewers to HBO Max.

We hope we will get to see Will Smith reprise the role of Deadshot in some future DC project. He was one of the best elements of the original film and it would be great to see him get another shot at Deadshot.