Exclusive: Will Smith Wants Deadshot To Team Up With Idris Elba’s Bloodsport

We've exclusively learned that Will Smith is interested in a team-up film for DC with Idris Elba.

By Faith McKay | Published

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The Suicide Squad currently sits at a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s the kind of movie that gets people excited about DC movies again, even people who may have given up on them in the past. One such person happens to be Will Smith, who really needs no introduction. He’s been famous to audiences for decades. When he signed on for Suicide Squad with director David Ayer, he probably had a lot of hopes for the DC film. Unfortunately, that movie wasn’t as well-liked and sits at a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. He wasn’t interested in returning for James Gunn’s new take at the time. Still, Warner Bros has left the door open. Five months ago, we exclusively reported that Warner Bros was actively pursuing Will Smith to take up the role of Deadshot again. Now, we’re back with new information about a project for him and Idris Elba.

One of our trusted and proven inside sources has explained to us that, following the release of The Suicide Squad, Will Smith now wants a team-up movie with Deadshot and Bloodsport, Idris Elba’s DC character. We were unable to learn how far along his desire to make this happen is. While we know that this is a project he is interested in and wants to make happen, we haven’t learned what Warner Bros has said about it. However, we did learn previously that five months ago, they were very interested in leaving the door open for Will Smith to return as Deadshot. They didn’t want his character killed off. An HBO Max series, a movie, or the next Suicide Squad film were all options they were considering for his character at the time. A team-up with Idris Elba sounds like something that should now grab their attention.

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The issue here will likely be aligning Will Smith’s new interest in a Deadshot and Bloodsport team-up with whatever DC already has planned. James Gunn has been talking about all kinds of things moving forward at DC. While he’s currently working on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 over at Marvel, it’s expected that he’ll be returning for a lot more projects, likely with his characters from The Suicide Squad. With Will Smith back in the game and wanting to work with Idris Elba, they’ll have to make that idea work with what James Gunn has prepared. Unless, of course, they get another filmmaker involved in the Bloodsport and Deadshot team-up project, which is entirely possible.

Getting a Deadshot and Bloodsport team-up into James Gunn’s schedule doesn’t seem like much of a problem, though. James Gunn obviously loves ensemble stories. It’s entirely possible that at this early stage, the Deadshot and Bloodsport project could turn into a sequel to The Suicide Squad where Will Smith and Idris Elba lead the way. It could also turn into an HBO Max series or other projects, depending on how the studio and all the creatives involved see the story ahead and how to make it work.

Is this something audiences will likely want to see? A quick search online suggests that is very much true. In fact, Will Smith might have decided that a team-up with Idris Elba had to happen after performing a search for anything about Deadshot and Bloodsport, since so many of the results are articles exploring how the two compare. Hopefully, Warner Bros will hop on this while WIll Smith’s interest is still hot.