Exclusive: Werewolf By Night Halloween Special Features Blade And Man-Thing

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

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It seems like ages ago that Mahershala Ali was officially revealed to be taking over duties as Marvel’s vampire-hunter, Blade. Since the official announcement took place at Comic-Con in 2019, there have been little to no further details for fans to go on. Now, Marvel is getting deeper into the supernatural aspects of its long-standing lore. It was announced that a Werewolf by Night film was being created as a Halloween special for Marvel. That is not the only huge news in terms of the announcements of a more expanded supernatural element. Thanks to some work provided by a trusted and proven source, Giant Freakin Robot can exclusively report that Man-Thing and Blade are going to be in the Werewolf by Night Halloween Special.

Outside of this exciting new information from our trusted and proven source, most of what we can say about the special is only what we’ve reportedly heard from other outlets. The Werewolf by Night Halloween Special has reportedly finished filming, and it is said to be set for an October 2022 release, although it has not been officially announced as such. This special is expected to make its way onto Disney+, though there have not been any reports clarifying if we’ll actually get a theatrical or streaming release. Werewolf by Night refers to two characters known in the Marvel mythos. One of which is Jack Russell, which was the primary Werewolf first introduced in 1972. However, there was a Werewolf by Night comic reboot in 2020. This reboot saw the new Marvel Werewolf being Jake Gomez. Jake Gomez is said to be portrayed by Gael García Bernal in the Halloween special.

One thing is certain, we are likely to see the Mahershala Ali version of Blade make his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will that be in Werewolf by Night? We know that Blade will be in the special, but we can’t say if Mahershala Ali will be the one necessarily playing him.

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This is speculation, but considering that he was cast as the character in 2019, it might be a safe bet that he’ll be the Blade in Werewolf by Night. That, and we get to see the obscure and fan-favorite Marvel character, Man-Thing. Not to be confused with Swamp-Thing. There have previously been rumors that Man-Thing aka Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis would eventually make his way into the MCU, but now it has been confirmed by our sources.

Fans have long been clamoring for Blade to finally appear in some facet, and the thought was that it could be by way of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He could very well have a small cameo in that film, but now we know that Blade will be appearing in Werewolf by Night. Whether it is going to be Ali in the role is up for debate.

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Man-Thing adds another further element to the supernatural side of the Marvel mythos. The character was first introduced in the 1970s in Savage Tales #1, before becoming a mainstay of the Marvel continuity. The character would go on to appear in comic runs for Mutant X, Marvel Super Hero Squad, and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Some of the powers that Man-Thing possesses are superhuman strength, durability and stamina, size alteration, corrosive-chemical secretion, and many more.

The character is a fan favorite for a reason, and it’s fantastic that he will make his debut in Werewolf by Night. Also, he is known to have an alliance and pal around with Howard the Duck, who was reintroduced in the Guardians of the Galaxy film. There have been rumors of a full-length Howard the Duck film, and Man-Thing might fit into that film nicely.