Exclusive: Vin Diesel Fighting For Another Marvel Superhero Role

We've exclusively learned of Vin Diesel's current goals at Marvel.

By Faith McKay | Published

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With the recent release of F9, Vin Diesel is looking ahead. The interviews to promote that film have all talked about how the main storyline for that franchise is going to end after two more films. That may be the last time we see the actor as Dominic Toretto. At this point, between his role doing voicework as Groot for Guardians of the Galaxy and playing Toretto for Fast & Furious, Vin Diesel has become comfortable with starring in major franchises. What will his next move be? We’ve now learned from one of our trusted and proven insiders that he’s leaning into one of the franchises he’s already a part of.

At this time, we’ve learned that Vin Diesel is pushing hard to get a superhero role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since his role as Groot for Guardians of the Galaxy is only voicework, he feels it doesn’t really count and he should be able to play another character in the MCU without causing confusion. We were unable to learn what superhero role that the actor is pushing for specifically, but from what we’ve learned, it sounds like he may not have a specific character in mind. It sounds like he may be open to considering multiple different roles, and that he likely wants one that puts him in live-action on-screen.

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A lot of actors hope to join a billion-dollar franchise like Marvel or Fast & Furious. It makes sense that, with Vin Diesel likely stepping away from the one, he wants a bigger role in the other. Especially at this time, when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 may be his last time around playing Groot. Director James Gunn has said he’s probably not working with Marvel again after this movie. Dave Bautista has expressed that he’s done playing Drax. With all of these statements becoming public, Groot’s time may be over as well. That doesn’t mean Vin Diesel’s time has to be. But will Marvel want to work with him on a bigger role? And if so, what will that role be?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly has a lot of projects coming and that means a lot of possible parts are in need of actors. To his credit, Vin Diesel already has his foot in the door with his role as Groot. That should make it easy, right? But it’s hard to say where Marvel will put him. At 54 years old, he isn’t going to be playing Peter Parker. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a superhero for the franchise, but it does mean his possible roles are more limited. He specifically wants to get a superhero role, which makes sense, because that should provide him with some longevity at Marvel if he appears in multiple films down the line.

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It’s hard not to think about Vin Diesel wanting a superhero role at Marvel and not consider that he has been publicly feuding with Dwayne Johnson. At this point, The Rock isn’t going to be in Fast & Furious movies anymore, seemingly because of this fight between the two. For one thing, that makes Vin Diesel seem difficult to work with. For another thing, it makes it sound like part of his motivation for wanting a bigger role at Marvel is to show up Dwayne Johnson, his rival who just finished filming a comic book movie over at DC.

Whether his attempts to gain another role at Marvel work out for Vin Diesel or not, he isn’t without work. While his role as Riddick has never turned into a major franchise, it’s always been a passion project for the actor. Riddick 4 is said to be gaining momentum again. It’s been nearly a decade that the actor has been pushing for that project to happen. If that tells us anything, it’s that if Vin Diesel wants another role at Marvel, he’ll likely keep pushing for however long it takes to see that happen.

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