Exclusive: Venom Vs. Spider-Man Movie In Active Development At Sony

By Drew Dietsch | 1 month ago

venom spider-man

Venom and Spider-Man are classic enemies in the comic books, but will they ever cross paths on the big screen? We saw them come to blows in Spider-Man 3 but there aren’t a whole lot of people going to bat for that entry in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Once the web-slinger got rebooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans were eagerly hoping that the symbiote would get thrown into the mix. However, due to some rights issues between Sony and Marvel Studios, that seemed like it may not come to pass. But, it looks like things have been loosening up with some Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover elements popping up in Sony’s upcoming Morbius. And now, we have confirmation of the two major rivals meeting for their own movie.

Our trusted and proven insider source has passed along information that a Venom/Spider-Man versus film is in the works at Sony. There have been rumblings about this project for a while but things have not seemed to move forward. Part of that has to do with how the character of Spider-Man works between Sony and Marvel Studios. Essentially, the solo Spidey films are actually under the auspices of Sony while Marvel Studios gets to use the character in any of their Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. But, originally, that meant that any Sony films that used characters from the Spider-Man universe could not use the Tom Holland version of the character or make any references to being connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This meant that most people assumed Venom and Spider-Man would not be crossing over. But, it has been very clear that this is a priority project for Sony because these are two of their biggest characters. And it looks like a compromise has been made that will culminate in a versus film between the two. We have to assume this is part of the game plan after the multiverse has broken open. We know that the multiverse will be a major plot point in Spider-Man: No Way Home and this is quite likely to be how the two characters will be able to meet.


A big question about their crossover will be if the story will see Spider-Man wearing the Venom symbiote. In the original version of their story, the symbiote actually attached itself to Peter Parker first. After it began to dominate Peter’s personality, he got rid of the alien and it attached itself to Eddie Brock who then became Venom. Since that route was not taken in the movies, we wonder just how the relationship between Venom and Spider-Man will develop. In the comics, they have been enemies and sometimes tense allies. If we were going to put a wager on the movie, we would bet that the two would start as rivals but end up teaming together to fight a more imposing foe.

If Spider-Man vs. Venom ends up being the third entry in the Venom series, it would definitely be a big escalation for that series. Just where it will fall on the schedule for Sony and Marvel remains to be seen, but rest assured that we have confirmed it continues to be in the works. If things go according to plan, we will get to see Tom Holland and Tom Hardy share the big screen as superheroes.