Exclusive: Tom Holland In Talks For Another Spider-Man Trilogy

By Faith McKay | 2 days ago

Tom Holland

We’ve seen some patterns with Spider-Man in recent years. From Tobey Maguire, to Andrew Garfield, and now Tom Holland, the character has been rebooted enough times to confuse the casual viewer. Now that fans are looking ahead to the release of Spider-Man 3: No Way Home, some may be getting a touch nervous. What is Marvel’s plan for one of their most iconic heroes? Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we now know that Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, is already talking to Tom Holland about plans for another trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing in December 2021, this news couldn’t come soon enough. Many would like to hear confirmation that Tom Holland has signed on for another trilogy before watching No Way Home, so they know that there will be more movies ahead with their favorite Peter Parker. At least now we know that Marvel is aware and making plans for the character. We weren’t able to find out whether Kevin Feige is talking to the actor about a specific storyline for Spider-Man. Do they have a narrative from the Marvel comics that they want to tell? It would be safe to bet that Marvel, with their intricate universe, already has a plan in mind.

Kevin Feige has said that Marvel Studios has new policies for signing multi-picture deals these days. They don’t want to lock actors in for too many projects ahead of time. This way, they don’t keep talent around that doesn’t actually want to be there. Feige has said that their contracts vary from person to person, in part based on the needs of the project, but they’re being mindful about this as they move forward. This makes sense, and may be why they haven’t already talked to Tom Holland about this ages ago.

Spider-Man No Way Home Tom Holland

You would think that since Spider-Man is such a major figure from the comics, and Tom Holland has proven so popular, that they would want to keep him front and center. That they would be signing contracts with the star well into the future. However, Tom Holland is only 25 years old. He’s recently branched out a little, appearing in movies like Cherry and Chaos Walking. It may be that Marvel is treading carefully, not locking him into the role for too long to keep him from feeling trapped. If their focus is on keeping around stars who want to be there, that makes sense.

On the other hand, Tom Holland has publicly spoken about the fact that Spider-Man 3 was the end of his contract. He has said in interviews that he would be happy to sign on for more. Has Marvel just been too busy to remember to get their Spider-Man actor to sign on the dotted line before now? Is this a sign that Spider-Man isn’t as important in their future plans? That they’ve gotten about him until now?

Marvel plans well into the future, so they likely have a good idea for the stories in Phase 5, even as we’re just rolling out Phase 4 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How big of a role will Spider-Man have in a world without Tony Stark? A world full of Eternals? Now that Marvel has made the move to make plans with Tom Holland, it would be excellent to know more about what those plans mean, storywise. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and Tom Holland will blurt them out in an interview sometime soon.