Exclusive: The Question TV Series In The Works

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

It’s an exciting time to be a DC fan. The Batman was a major hit. James Gunn is doing all kinds of interesting things. On top of this, there are promises of DC expanding their cinematic offerings now that HBO Max has proven to be a solid platform for the company. Batgirl and Blue Beetle are known to be in the works. Now, we’ve learned of another treat. A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that a live-action The Question series is in the works.

The Question series will be based on the DC Comics character. Now, readers of the comics know that The Question is a moniker that’s been held by multiple characters at DC. The original iteration was Vic Sage. In the comics, he’s undergone multiple transformations over the decades. Sometimes he is a government agent. Sometimes he’s a mystical entity. He’s changed things up some. Then there is Renee Montoya, who was Vic Sage’s student. Eventually she became his successor and took on the title of The Question for herself. While Vic Sage could be considered the more well-established character to take on the hero’s title, we can’t say if it will be him or Renee Montoya starring in The Question series. Our source was unable to confirm who was playing the lead.

While Vic Sage is the name that first comes to mind for most when The Question is mentioned, Renee Montoya has already been established in the DC Cinematic Universe. We saw her character in Birds of Prey played by Rosie Perez. Could Rosie Perez be starring in The Question series? We don’t know, but it’s certainly an interesting idea! Watching her quit her job as a police officer in Birds Of Prey as a fan-favorite part of that movie.

renee montoya the question
Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya in Birds Of Prey

Previously, Giant Freakin Robot has heard that a Huntress live-action project is in development at DC. A Black Canary movie with Jurnee Smollett has been officially announced. Mentions of the Black Canary character have also been seen on the set of HBO Max’s Batgirl. These two are also characters from Birds of Prey who worked alongside Rosie Perez’s Renee Montoya in Birds of Prey. At the end of that movie, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn drove off, and the three appeared to be preparing to work together in the future. It will be interesting to see if The Question series we’ve learned about turns out to be Renee Montoya (played by Rosie Perez), and is further work on DC’s behalf to use the characters established in Birds of Prey. While a sequel for that Margot Robbie movie isn’t going to happen, bringing those characters into new projects on HBO Max seems like a great idea.

There’s a lot of room here for other crossovers with characters they’re currently establishing for DC on HBO Max as well. The Question first appeared in a Blue Beetle comic. With the Blue Beetle movie on the way for HBO Max, perhaps they’ll bring the new hero into The Question series as well. It’ll be interesting to see how the new series pans out, and how it ties into a wider world on the streaming service.