Exclusive: Stranger Things’ Final Villain Revealed

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

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Stranger Things has been a massive hit for Netflix. If they want to, they could probably find a way to drag the series out for years. However, the creative team behind the show has confirmed that it will end with season five. They have a specific story they want to tell with a definite endpoint. This news has only made fans all the more curious about what that ending will be. Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has revealed exciting details for the villain our characters will face in seasons four and five of Stranger Things.

Our source was able to get fairly detailed about the plan ahead. Stranger Things seasons four and five will feature a final villain named Vecna. Like Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Eleven, Vecna got their start as one of the kids being experimented on by Hawkins National Laboratory. Vecna was Number One. The lab sent Vecna into the Upside Down, where Vecna transformed from a human child into a spider-like monster. Vecna gained the ability to trance people before killing them, and as a more powerful being, became the leader of the Upside Down.

This was as much as our source was able to share, but certainly tells fans a lot about the final two seasons of Stranger Things. It matches up well with what the advertising for season four has shown so far. The first trailer for season four was released nearly a year ago. It showed that the next season is set up to tell us more about Eleven’s origins and the other children the lab named using numbers. This information about the final villain seems perfect to explore Eleven’s origins, what the lab has been up to, reveal more answers about how things work in the Upside Down and what that place actually is. The details about Vecna transforming into a spider-like monster also matches up well with the villains we’ve seen come from the Upside Down in previous seasons. The first season of the show gave us a lot of iconic images–waffles, Eleven’s bloody nose, Christmas lights–but a fan-favorite has definitely been the Demogorgon.

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The show’s previous villains have definitely set up an aesthetic they’ll have to work to match for the show’s final seasons. While this is only speculation, it sounds like Vecna, as a former human, will be able to communicate better than the previous Stranger Things villains. It will be interesting to see how much scarier that manages to make things.

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With Vecna’s history as Number One, will Eleven feel compassion for the villain? Will she be torn between her life with the friends she’s made in Hawkins and the villain she relates to? Will Number One want to take out some revenge on “Papa”, given the right opportunity? And will audiences even blame the villain for that?

It’s interesting that Vecna is going to be the villain for the final two seasons. It hints that they have a major story to tell across this grand ending for Stranger Things. It’s going to be exciting to see how it all plays out.