Exclusive: Star Trek Series About USS Republic In Development

By Faith McKay | Published

star trek uss republic

Star Trek has always been brave about breaking into other media formats, including books, movies, and comics, so it was natural that as streaming took off, the Star Trek universe would grow. Today, fans are enjoying quite a variety of shows set in the universe, and fortunately, they’re always hungry for more. So what’s next for the ever-expanding world? We’re hearing it’s time for a look to the past. A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that a Star Trek show centered around the USS Republic is in the works.

Our source shared that the new Star Trek series will show how the USS Republic was built. We weren’t able to confirm what aspects will be explored by that. It sounds like a safe bet that the project they have in development will take place before Captain Kirk steps on board. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop aspects of the ship. For years, people involved with the franchise have confirmed details about the USS Republic, but there isn’t a lot known in the way of canon seen on screen. Will a lot of those details be honored? We don’t have answers to that, but it will be interesting to see.

This is a particularly interesting decision that trends toward a lot of the interests of the Star Trek fandom. The USS Republic has never been shown on screen. While the USS Intrepid made it on camera in remaster, that never happened for the ship where Captain Kirk served as an ensign. Devoted fans of the universe love debating which ship is the best starship. Never having seen the USS Republic, and yet knowing it was an important part of Captain Kirk’s history, has left a lot of fan interest around this one.

captain kirk star trek uss republic

A quick search online for the Star Trek USS Republic’s history will mostly get you a lot of fanmade videos and artwork with ideas of what it may have looked like. For example, a video of the starship on its first patrol along the Klingon Neutral Zone. Though people involved with the franchise have confirmed it’s a Consitution class starship, the franchise itself has never made this canon. This leaves a lot of room for fans to dream when it comes to Star Trek stories for the USS Republic and what the ship itself may look like.

A while ago, hungry fans started a campaign to raise money to create their own Starship Republic fan movie, which they set during the time of the Original Series. This new show in development should take place before that, but the fanmade project is interesting because it further shows how audiences already have so many ideas around this never-before-seen starship. That means they want to see it, but it also means the new show in development has a lot of ideas they’ll have to live up to, and that’s always difficult.

Hopefully more news about Star Trek’s upcoming USS Republic series will drop soon, including a look at the ship and characters involved.