Exclusive: Netflix Has Renewed Shadow And Bone For Season 2

By Drew Dietsch | 1 week ago

shadow and bone season 2

UPDATE: Shortly after our exclusive was posted, Netflix confirmed Shadow and Bone Season 2 is happening. Our original story follows.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 is headed our way. Giant Freakin Robot has learned from one of its trusted and proven insider sources that Netflix has given the official green light for the second season of the hit fantasy series. It should not come across as an enormous surprise considering just how popular the show has proven to be. But, if fans were at all worried that the show would fall under the axe that so many Netflix series seem to fall victim to, we can confirm that it is in the clear.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 will continue to adapt the novels of author Leigh Bardugo, whose books are set in what is known as the Grishaverse. The books are comprised of the Grisha Trilogy – Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising – as well as the Six Crows Duology: Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. It is expected that the next season will move the story forward and adapt some of the storylines fans are most excited to see.

The series has been highly praised for its clear focus on doing new and exciting things with many of the tropes and cliches that permeate a lot of young adult fantasy fiction. One has to assume this directive will continue through in Shadow and Bone Season 2. It is clearly one of the reasons that fans have become so enamored with the source material as well as the Netflix adaptation. It looks to be delivering what fans like about many similar stories while also crafting unique, compelling, and surprising characters. That alone is a good indication that this series could have some very long legs.

shadow and bone

One thing that does seem to be a little intimidating with the series is its vast world-building. Shadow and Bone Season 2 will undoubtedly have to continue its outward expansion with its world, so that might be a hurdle that new fans have to overcome. Hopefully, the world-building will be more accessible and managed in a more palatable way for some fans who find it a little tough to crack right away. Still, that does not seem to be stopping the show from consistently being one of the hottest new Netflix shows in recent memory.

With series creator Leigh Bardugo taking an executive producer role on the series, it should also assure longtime fans of the novels that the source material is being treated with the utmost respect. Still, it does seem like the series is committed to being its own thing and offering fans something that isn’t just a literal translation of the books. If Shadow and Bone Season 2 can keep up that balance of fealty to its source material while creating something that also provides an exciting experience for newcomers, it could find itself becoming a cornerstone of Netflix’s future programming.

We are excited to deliver the news that Shadow and Bone Season 2 is officially on the way. It is a good time to be a fan of the series as it looks like it is going to be an even more prominent part of fantasy television than many might have expected.