Exclusive: School of Rock 2 In The Works With Jack Black

By Drew Dietsch | 2 months ago

school of rock 2 jack black

School of Rock 2 starring Jack Black is one of those projects that everyone would like to see but would probably never happen. The 2003 film has managed to cultivate an enduring legacy of fans and has even spun out into a celebrated stage musical adaptation and a Nickelodeon television show as well. Many have assumed that this would end up being how we got more iterations on the story of Dewey Finn and his experience teaching a group of kids the power of music. However, that hasn’t stopped the demand for a sequel and it looks like a legitimate follow-up to the original is actually in the works.

Thanks to some information provided to Giant Freakin Robot by one of our trusted and proven insider sources, School of Rock 2 is being discussed with Jack Black. We could not nail down any story specifics or any other returning creatives from the first movie, but the studio definitely wants to get the star back for another exploration of the character and his career as a music teacher. This seems to be pretty fortuitous since Jack Black found himself trending on social media recently for his performance in the original School of Rock. Could that have reignited talks for a sequel?

Other than Jack Black returning for School of Rock 2, we are wondering whether or not the original director, Richard Linklater, will also step back behind the camera for the sequel. His upcoming animated film, Apollo 10½, will reunite him with Jack Black. Could this be a kickoff to getting the two back together for the sequel? And what about the original screenwriter and former Survivor contestant Mike White? We were unable to find out if he will also be jumping back into the fray to write the follow-up. We certainly hope that this sequel will attempt to bring back as many of the behind-the-scenes figures as it can since they helped a lot in polishing the original movie into the shining classic it is now seen as.

school of rock 2 jack black

Our other major question about School of Rock 2 is in relation to the story. At the end of the first film, we saw Jack Black’s character Dewey Finn starting his own music tutorial services. Has that been successful over nearly twenty years later? Would the sequel follow up with many of the original kids that Dewey taught when he was masquerading as a substitute teacher at a prestigious academy? Could the story end up centering around a new generation of kids? Perhaps some of the children of Dewey’s original students? There are plenty of interesting avenues a sequel could explore and we would hope it would not turn out to be something of a rehash of the same story from the first film.

Regardless, Jack Black is awesome and School of Rock 2 certainly has the potential to be a fun continuation of the characters we met in the original movie. We hope the talks between Black and the studio can progress and we can look forward to seeing the sequel sooner rather than later.