Exclusive: Ryan Reynolds In Talks For Free Guy 3

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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Free Guy has finally been released in theaters. Before the opening weekend was even over, Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Free Guy 2 is happening. There are no details yet on whether the same writer and director are signed on, but the actor himself seems to be in and excited about the idea. With a sequel publicly planned, it’s time for everyone involved to start talking about where they go from here. What will a sequel be about? As it turns out, they’re planning a little further than that. Giant Freakin Robot has exclusively learned from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that Ryan Reynolds is in talks for Free Guy 3.

We’ve learned that a Free Guy trilogy is in the works. This is still only in the early stages, so they have a lot to talk about ahead. We were unable to learn if scriptwriter Matt Lieberman is yet part of these conversations, but we know that he was interested in doing a sequel before Free Guy 2 was announced. He told The Hollywood Reporter two days before that announcement that as soon as he finished the first draft of the first movie, he knew what the sequel would be. He said, “I would love to revisit this world. There are so many cool things we can do with the characters and the world.”

Hopefully, this means that Matt Lieberman is bringing his sequel plans to the conversation with Ryan Reynolds and the studio. The first Free Guy felt fairly complete on its own, even changing the world that the main character knew and existed in. Since it is moving forward with a sequel, it makes sense that the story may now carry into that new world for his character. What about the rest of the cast?

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Taika Waititi’s Antwan is a big question mark. Could he turn into a villain for the whole trilogy? The writer has said that Taika Waititi changed up the character a lot, but that the villain was largely inspired by toxic bro gaming culture. While he was beaten by the end of the first movie, will he jump up again for a sequel, or will they go somewhere new with that? If it’s not Antwan as the main antagonist for the rest of the trilogy, it seems likely that they’ll be creating a villain that makes sense to carry the story through two subsequent movies. We can expect to see Ryan Reynold’s best friend, played by Lil Rel Howery, in the sequel. That feels like a done deal.

The biggest question seems to be whether Jodie Comer will return. A lot of the film’s reviews from critics mention her performance and audiences have remarked on her as well. Jodie Comer and Joe Keery would probably both need to sign on for the rest of the trilogy, in order for the story to still be satisfying. While Ryan Reynolds is the big draw, a sequel without Comer would definitely be a little less. The pair played a major role in the world-building of Free Guy. Their characters tied Guy’s world into the real world. That duality, and the reality of AI, will be interesting to see play out in the trilogy, assuming the studio’s talks with Ryan Reynolds goes well and they make it happen.