Exclusive: Ryan Gosling In Talks To Join The Marvel Universe

By Faith McKay | 17 seconds ago

ryan gosling

Pre-pandemic, we saw Ryan Gosling in some interesting projects. In 2017, he was in Blade Runner 2049 with Harrison Ford, then followed that up with First Man in 2018. We know he’s supposed to be playing the lead role in Wolfman, expanding the cinematic universe for Universal’s classic monsters. He also has a role in The Gray Man, a movie coming from the Russo Brothers. While Joe and Anthony Russo have worked for Marvel on Endgame, this is one of their current projects that takes place outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has Ryan Gosling working with others from Marvel though, like Chris Evans, and now we hear that he’s been rubbing elbows with the head boss himself. Our trusted and proven inside source has let us know that Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, wants Ryan Gosling to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’ve learned that Ryan Gosling and Kevin Feige have had talks about the possibility of the star signing on. We were unable to learn what role Feige has in mind for the actor, although it is fair to believe that he may be open about this. Marvel has so many projects coming up in the future. There are likely many characters secretly in consideration. It’s fair to guess that if Kevin Feige specifically wants to work with Gosling, he may still be open about what role the actor would be best for.

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As for Ryan Gosling’s interest in signing on, we know that the actor likes to tackle a wide variety of projects. He’s won two Academy Awards for Best Actor, one for La La Land and one for Half Nelson. While he hasn’t taken on a massive franchise like Marvel or Fast & Furious before, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have an interest. He recently signed on for Blade Runner and now Wolfman. Projects with a lot of special effects and well-known, iconic characters from the comics will be something new for him. Based on his past career decisions, he likes jumping around genres and styles. He’s done movies like Blue Valentine, and The Notebook, and then jumped into musicals like La La Land. He likes to change up what he’s doing. Marvel may sound like an interesting new step for his career.

One pattern has been pretty clear for Ryan Gosling though, and that’s that he works on the big screen. His television work is mostly confined to his childhood roles. It seems likely that Kevin Feige is talking to him about a movie, not a Disney+ series. While there are a lot of roles out there for streaming shows right now at Marvel, Gosling hasn’t shown much interest in joining a series. Of course, never say never. A lot of movie stars are now appearing in series, including major Marvel actors. Tom Hiddleston has his own series with Loki. Still, it seems more likely that Ryan Gosling will be seen on the big screen.

Could he be our future Doctor Doom? Or will he go for something smaller, with less of a commitment? (When we finally see Doctor Doom on screen, it will likely mean many appearances over the years.) With talks happening, it seems safe to say that Kevin Feige has Ryan Gosling’s interest, so it must be something good.