Exclusive: Rogue Solo Series In Development

We've exclusively learned that a Rogue series is in development.

By Faith McKay | Published

rogue series

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to introduce the X-Men soon, a move that has been a long time coming. Fans of Fox’s previous iterations of the characters are extremely excited to see how this development will play out. Hugh Jackman has made it very clear that he won’t be returning as Wolverine, and yet, Wolverine is a central character to the X-Men. Will all the X-Men be recast? What Marvel movies will we first see them in? Will they possibly appear on Disney+ first? No one yet has the full story when it comes to Marvel and the X-Men. However, we do have information on a very exciting and interesting piece of their future plans. One of our trusted and proven inside sources has shared that a Rogue series is in development at Marvel.

From everything we’re hearing, this is exactly as expected. Eight months ago, we exclusively reported that Marvel was working on a Rogue solo spinoff project. At the time, we didn’t know whether the project would be a Rogue series or a movie, and it wasn’t clear if Marvel was specific on that either. Now, we’ve learned that they’ve settled on a series for the iconic character, which feels right. Rogue has a long and storied history in the comics. She was a tortured character when Anna Paquin played her in the films, just desperate to no longer be a mutant. Her story is compelling, and will hopefully fit in well with the Disney+ circuit.

rogue series

We were happy to learn that the Rogue solo project is still in development at Marvel. The development of a Rogue series sounds ideal. We were unable to learn deeper details of the story. Previously, Anna Paquin has said that she would be happy to return to the role. She told Variety in 2018 that she’d been making the movies since she was 16 years old and if asked, she’d do it again. However, there have been a lot of X-Men movies over the years, and she no longer knows where her take on Rogue fits into their plotlines. This raises a question that all X-Men fans return to: will the Fox versions of the characters still exist for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or are they starting fresh?

A Rogue series based on an older, grown-up version of Rogue from X-Men would be a great opportunity to dive deeper into what X-Men do when they’re older. Disney+ dove into some strange storytelling to show off WandaVision. That kind of work really stood out on the streaming service and showed off that they aren’t afraid to veer away from the expected on the streaming service. Making a series with a teenage Rogue seems the most obvious choice, since that’s where Fox started with her character, but diving into a story with an older Rogue could be more interesting.

In the end, it’ll have to be about what the writer finds most inspiring, and possibly more importantly, how the Rogue series fits into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. It’s going to be exciting to see how this one works out.

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