Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Eyed For The Crow Reboot

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

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Interviews for The Batman have revealed a lot about how Robert Pattinson chooses his roles. Primarily, the actor has made it clear to his agent that he wants to play “freaks“. With his DC film finally releasing to major box office success, and his Twilight past seemingly behind him, studios are going to be taking a look at what roles they have that might attract Pattinson to their next project. We’re hearing updates about one of those opportunities. A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has learned that Robert Pattinson is being eyed for a reboot of The Crow.

Clearly, this is still the very early stages. Our source shared that Robert Pattinson is a top choice for a reboot of The Crow, but that doesn’t mean they’ve talked to the actor yet. Will he be interested in taking on the role? We can’t guess what he’ll think of it. Previously, a reboot was attempted for the 1994 dark fantasy movie with Jason Momoa. Test footage from that movie was released online, and fans were surprised at how fitting Momoa seemed for the role. When that reboot was abandoned, many thought that it was over for good. However, The Crow has a lot of things going for it.

The 1994 movie was a critical and box office success. It was made before comic book adaptations held the influence they do today. And The Crow reboot has filmmaker Corin Hardy, who seems set to never give up on this passion project. These elements may keep the reboot alive. But will they be enough to attract Robert Pattinson?

the crow
Brandon Lee in The Crow

Brandon Lee played Eric Draven in the 1994 film. Tragically, he passed away while The Crow was being made. They carefully re-edited the movie to create the final project and dedicated the story to Brandon Lee and his fiance. While the unfortunate events surrounding the first film may seem irrelevant to the reboot, they may be something an actor will consider before taking on the role. Any new performance will be compared to Brandon Lee’s. Will Robert Pattinson want to take the legacy of The Crow on?

One thing The Crow should have going for it is a strong, unique, and dark story. That seems to be what Robert Pattinson is looking for in his projects. Of course, that may be too close to what he just did with The Batman. After all, the title has two winged beings, they’re both dark stories, and they’re both comic book adaptations, so that may be fairly similar for him. However, it seems likely that by the time a reboot for The Crow happens–assuming they manage to really get this movie off the ground this time–Robert Pattinson may have appeared in several other movies first.

For many, this reboot has seemed a little doomed over the years, but that is reportedly because they’re trying so hard to get the right pieces in place. Will Robert Pattinson be the actor they need to finally make it happen? It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.