Exclusive: Red Dead Redemption Movie Now In Development

By Drew Dietsch | 10 months ago

red dead redemption movie

A Red Dead Redemption movie sounds like a pretty obvious project. The 2010 original game was already a massively cinematic experience that took inspiration from some of the greatest Western films of all time. The sequel was an even more immersive endeavor. And both of these games have been gargantuan financial successes for Rockstar Games, the developers behind them. Fans have wondered if this franchise would ever get to see an adaptation on the silver screen. There was a movie rumored many years ago, but nothing came to fruition with that attempt. Now, we at Giant Freakin Robot have obtained some exclusive information that points towards a Red Dead Redemption movie moving forward.

According to our trusted inside source – the same one that has provided Giant Freakin Robot with multiple confirmed exclusive scoops that have included the reveal that Bruce Wayne’s parents will be evil in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, Bruce Campbell will appear for a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and that Monica Rambeau will be one of the main characters in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion – Sony is entering into development on a Red Dead Redemption movie in a move that seems to echo what they are doing with Demon’s Souls. Add to that the recently announced film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima and it seems pretty obvious that Sony is looking towards its video game properties as a source of intellectual property to use for feature films.

It makes a lot of sense. Sony does not have a deep bench of recognizable characters or properties to pull from outside of their video game options. And with video game movies no longer being a guaranteed failure – movies like Sonic the Hedgehog have dispelled the video game movie curse – Sony throwing in on projects like a Red Dead Redemption movie certainly sounds like a good opportunity. If Sony can showcase a real creative argument for these movies. fans might actually start looking to them as the best studio when it comes to making video game adaptations.

red dead redemption movie john marston

But, that means they need to come out of the gate with a really good movie. And a Red Dead Redemption movie has a real chance of being excellent. The source material is deeply beloved and there is the chance to give audiences a revitalized look at the Western genre. There is no arguing that mass appeal when it comes to Westerns is pretty low. But, much like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl managed to deliver a successful pirate movie after the sub-genre had been put to bed with the substantial failure of Cutthroat Island, a Red Dead Redemption movie could position itself as the Western action movie nobody realized they wanted. If Sony put the right money, talent, and vision towards it, they could make something truly special.

We will keep our eyes and ears open for any more significant developments on the Red Dead Redemption movie and Sony in general. It sounds like there is a lot going on over at the Sony lot, and we may be hearing that even more video game properties are getting the feature film treatment.