Exclusive: Predator Movie Set In Feudal Japan In The Works

After visiting the early Americas, Predator will be heading to Feudal Japan next.

By James Brizuela | Updated

predator japan

Though the Predator franchise has always been a fan favorite, the newest movie was released to the highest mark for any of the previously released features. The Prey reboot took a more historical view of the alien hunters and was met with plenty of praise, as we took a trip back to the early Americas and the time of the natives. Now, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Predator is going to head to Feudal Japan next.

Interestingly, Predator making its way to Feudal Japan makes a ton of sense, especially at a time when the Samurai were prevalent. Considering that the Predator aliens only have one goal in mind (besting the warriors of planets) it would make sense for them to travel from era to era, taking on the most powerful warriors of that period. The Samurai were some of the fiercest fighters and ones who were not so easily defeated.

A Predator taking on the Native Americans made sense as both were clearly hunters of the highest degree, and it made for quite an exciting movie. Now, we get to see how a Predator is going to take on a time in Japan when the warriors were the greatest sword users in history. Granted, there may not be a lot of deception used, but there is certainly going to be a ton of great swordplay.

predator japan

We understand that the Samurai did not use just swords in their fighting, so it will be interesting to see if the protagonist in the movie is going to have to move away from the head-to-head type of battling and use more of a stealthier approach. The most recent Predator movie used dual language, and we are hoping for the same when the location travels to Japan. Though some people prefer not to read subtitles, we loved having the option to experience both.

We wonder where Predator will go next after visiting Japan, though there are plenty of locales in history that contained some of the best fighters. We would love to see the alien bounty hunters take on the Ninja next, which are the antithesis to the Samurai, as they relied solely on usages of stealthier tactics.

Dan Trachtenberg directed the highly successful Prey movie, though we are not sure if he is going to be handling this new Predator Japan feature. We would love to see him return, as his directing style matched up well with the first reboot movie, and it would be fantastic if he was given a trilogy to work with. There would clearly be no returning characters, but he could make each era stand out in a fantastic way.

There are no confirmations of the cast or director for this new Predator Japan movie, but the location and period should excite everyone. We cannot wait to see this proposed movie, and we will be updating everyone as soon as the confirmed news breaks. For now, we can all imagine what an epic sword battle will take place between a Predator and one of the finest Samurai that has ever lived.