Exclusive: Predator Series In Development At Hulu

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

predator series

The Predator franchise is making a big go of it. Currently, fans are waiting on the release of Prey, an upcoming film set 300 years ago. But this many movies in, and with the streaming era charging full speed ahead, isn’t there more that could be happening with this action-packed sci-fi/horror franchise? Apparently, they’re working on it. Thanks to some work from a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot, we can now share that Hulu is developing a Predator series.

From what our source shared, the Predator series is still in development, so it may be a while before Hulu gets the new project on streaming. The service is currently working on a series for Alien with Noah Hawley at the wheel. The Alien series isn’t expected to hit streaming until 2023, and it sounds like they aren’t sure that it won’t take longer than that.

Since the two franchises have crossed over in the past on the big screen, it would make sense if audiences saw crossover events on Hulu in the future. Alien Vs. Predator wasn’t particularly successful on the big screen, but perhaps with more room to develop their projects as shows for Hulu, they’ll try for a faceoff again in the future, especially if they can get some talent with a passion for the project behind the wheel. Note that this is speculation. While we know that both an Alien series and a Predator series are in the works at Hulu, we were unable to confirm whether the two will ever meet.

alien predator series

The upcoming release Prey helps open more doors for what a Predator series can be. Prey is going back 300 years in time, making it a prequel story, but one that goes into territory not yet seen on screen. The story will follow Naru, a warrior determined to protect her tribe. The movie is expected to skip a theatrical release and stream on Hulu. While it doesn’t have a firm release date, it’s expected to release during the summer of 2022. We were unable to confirm whether the Predator series will have much to do with the story told in Prey. Even if the new series doesn’t feature any of the new characters in Prey, it makes sense that this project at least opens up Predator stories for wildly different points in the timeline for the audience, making it an exciting time for this series to get started.

It’s likely that the timing of the Predator series, and the Alien series in the works, are both the result of Disney acquiring Fox a few years back. Disney owns Hulu. Both Predator and Alien are franchises with violent material likely to be inappropriate for Disney+ subscribers, at least if the new series keeps the kind of tone that fans of the franchise really love. If Disney is looking to ramp up the content on Hulu and make it a bigger mainstay, as they’ve done with Disney+, then using that streaming service to develop properties like Predator seems like a great next step for their newly acquired franchise.