Exclusive: Morbius Post-Credits Scene Revealed

One of the big things fans look forward to with a Marvel movie is the post-credits scene.

By Faith McKay | Updated

morbius post-credits

One of the big things fans look forward to with a Marvel movie is the post-credits scene. They’re often an extra little glimpse at something going on within the world. It’s a way to catch up with the wider cinematic universe, share a funny moment between characters, or promise bigger troubles ahead. Many people enjoy collecting them, speculating on the meaning behind them all, and ranking them. While Morbius isn’t out yet, we have some inside news for you on what you can expect when those credit scenes start rolling in the theater. A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot reports that the Morbius post-credits scene is actually a moment from the trailer.

Our source shared that the Morbius post-credits scene is the moment where Michael Keaton hollers at Jared Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius. In the trailer, he can be heard saying, “Hey Doctor Mike, you and I should stay in touch.” After he says this, Jared Leto’s character gives him a nod that seems heavy, as if it promises more.

The Morbius trailer with the post-credits scene moment can be seen below. It happens at the 2:10 timestamp, which the trailer is queued to begin at.

This raises so many questions! Since this moment is in the Morbius post-credits, how well do Michael Keaton’s Vulture and Jared Leto’s Morbius know each other at that point? The various trailers don’t show much of Keaton at all. We know that he’s gone back to the studio to film more Vulture scenes on occasion, so he should be in multiple parts of the movie, even if he isn’t a huge player. Does his presence in the Morbius post-credits scene hint that the two are just getting familiar with each other in the first movie, and that they will have a bigger role in each other’s lives in the movies ahead? “Hey Doctor Mike, you and I should stay in touch.” As the potential last words we see on screen in the theater, Michael Keaton promises big things.

michael keaton morbius post-credits scene

Of course, we don’t know that they’re the last words. We can report that our source learned that this moment is in the Morbius post-credits scene, but we were unable to confirm if this scene extends a little further than that. It feels like the end of that scene to us, but that’s only speculation. Perhaps something more happens once Jared Leto walks inside. We also don’t know if there is another post-credits scene beyond this one. Our source shared that this moment is in the scene, so you can expect to see it. Occasionally, movies will go the extra mile and hit audiences with longer post-credits scenes, or even additional ones. They’ve clearly picked up that these are a hit with fans.

There are only a few more weeks until Morbius actually releases and fans will see the post-credits scene in full. After all the delays, how will this tie into the Sony movies ahead? Will they do something like Venom: Let There Be Carnage and find a way to tie more strings over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait now.