Exclusive: New Marvel Animated Show In The Works, Plot Details Revealed

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

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With all of the Marvel live-action series currently coming to Disney+, it’s easy to forget the studio’s long history with Marvel animated series, aimed both at children and adult audiences. While shows like Loki are definitely taking center stage right now, and for good reasons as they’re proving to be popular with fans, that doesn’t mean the studio has forgotten about their audience that has loved their animated series for years. Now, thanks to one of our trusted and proven insiders, we have a lot of fun story details on what you can expect to see from their next project in the works.

We’ve learned that right now Marvel Studios is working on an animated series with what sounds like new characters. Our source told us that the show is going to center on a teenage girl and her relationship with her brother and an AI. The show is going to meet them at a major point in their lives where their little family has just faced a terrible loss. Moving forward, their next steps are going to be taking off on a road trip. This adventure is going to be what the show is about. We’ll follow the girl, her brother, and the AI as they encounter all kinds of wild adventures in a Marvel animated series. While the show is centered on younger characters, it’s not just going to be a show aimed at young audiences.

Since so far, this show sounds like we’re meeting all-new characters, we really wanted to know if we’d see anyone familiar to audiences. Will this Marvel animated series have any characters that fans of the movies or comics may know? Our source was able to share that yes, this new series will have at least some familiar characters. First of all, Amadeus Cho will be appearing in this new animated project. Cho is more commonly known as Asian Hulk. We’ll also be seeing Power Pack, which is a particularly fun touch from what we know of this new show so far. The Power Pack are a group of four superpowered siblings: Alex Power, Julie Power, Jack Power, and Katie Power.

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Power Pack titles are aimed at kids. They’re popular, fun, and have been looked at by Marvel for other projects over the years. Kevin Feige, the head guy at Marvel, has talked about how fun making a Power Pack movie would be. At one point, director James Gunn publicly pitched that he wanted to write an adult-themed Power Pack story. While those projects aren’t yet happening, it’s fun to see that Power Pack is still around, both in the comics and now coming to this Marvel animated series.

Meanwhile, Asian Hulk has a dedicated following. Bringing Cho into a new Marvel animated series will be enough to get some of his dedicated supporters interested in checking it out for sure. This is definitely a good time to be a Hulk fan, with the She-Hulk live-action series coming to Disney+ soon.

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Bringing in Asian Hulk and the Power Pack makes a lot of sense from what we’ve heard about this new series. Road trip stories are often about the people on the trip bonding. Examples include the family in Little Miss Sunshine or Thelma and Louise. So, we can expect that this new Marvel animated series, where siblings take off on a road trip after facing a personal loss, will be about seeing them bond and grow stronger together. Meeting up with the Power Pack makes a lot of sense in that context. Since we know that we’ll be seeing Asian Hulk, it will also make sense to be seeing his sister, Maddy Cho. She’s gotten involved with Amadeus Cho and She-Hulk in the comics, so there’s room for She-Hulk to also show up, although our source didn’t hear anything about the She-Hulk possibility.

We don’t have any word yet on when the studio will be making announcements about this new Marvel animated series, or when it will release. Right now, everything we hear makes it sound like they’re excited about the project, which gives us hope that they may be pushing forward on this one soon.