Exclusive: Mars Attacks 2 In The Works With Tim Burton

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

mars attacks 2

Once upon a time, Tim Burton made a very daring, risky, and off-the-wall black comedy. Over 20 years later, Mars Attacks still stands out as the boldest movie in his filmography. The cast of respected high-profile actors all played terrible people who met unexpected fates. Instead of the evil and terrifying aliens of Independence Day, which also came out in 1996, Mars Attacks gave us aliens that were ridiculous jerks just kind of goofing off as they violently invaded Earth. While critics didn’t get it at the time, and it was a box office flop, it’s still a movie audiences revisit to this day, if for no other reason than that it’s just an unexpected story. Now, we’re hearing that Tim Burton has decided to revisit it as well. A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot shares that Tim Burton is currently developing Mars Attacks 2.

Recently, Beetlejuice 2 was officially announced to be in development as well, which makes it sound like Tim Burton is feeling a little nostalgic these days. While our source shared that Mars Attacks 2 is in development, we don’t have details on what his ideas will be this time around, but we are definitely curious.

Fans have speculated that the movie was ripe for a reboot, but a sequel is more of a surprise. The first film ended with the world officially saved in a comedic manner when humans accidentally discover the Martians’ true weakness in the song “Indian Love Call” by Slim Whitman. The song played, and the Martians were violently taken care of once and for all. Or so it would seem. Perhaps when Mars Attacks 2 arrives, the Martians will have developed better protection against the fatal song. Like really strong earplugs.

mars attacks 2 tim burton

It’s going to be interesting to see if Tim Burton chooses to bring back any of the original cast. The list is long, and amazingly, many of them are still high-profile actors working in Hollywood. Will Tim Burton choose to bring back original cast for Mars Attacks 2, or approach the movie with younger actors more familiar to today’s audiences? That second option feels more in line with a reboot than a sequel, but may be a better fit after all this time.

When making the first movie, Tim Burton ran into some issues. He wanted to make Mars Attacks using his signature stop-motion techniques, but budget restraints reportedly led him in a different direction. Will he use his original strategy for the special effects in Mars Attacks 2? Will he keep his original tone and hope that it hits better with today’s audiences? The story for Mars Attacks is based on trading cards that are much more violent than the movie Tim Burton made. Will the sequel take a more gory direction this time around? It’ll be interesting to see if Tim Burton tries to recreate the elements people liked from the original movie, or if his sequel will be more of an attempt to change what he did previously. Hopefully, with his current work on Wednesday for Netflix and Beetlejuice 2, he’ll find time to make Mars Attacks 2 a priority soon, so we can see how he’ll handle a sequel for one of his strangest movies.